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Everything About the Most Useful Baking Equipment

Jun 13, 2008
Baking not only requires skill but it also involves familiarity with a set of tools and devices. These products, aptly known as baking equipment, are divided into several types depending on their functions.

Absolutely gratifying is the feeling you would get when you serve your friends or customers with a cake you have made and you would receive a complement. This would truly motivate you to master the skill of baking. And as you hone your baking skills, you also need to understand and appreciate the pieces of equipment you need in this craft. These products are collectively known as baking equipment, and they are divided into a number of types.

The first type consists of equipment used in mixing. These products are where you would put the dough and other baking ingredients for your bread or cake. Examples of mixing equipment include the traditional mixing bowl and electric mixers. If you prefer using an electric mixer, you can choose among stationary, removable, and tilt-over mixers. Instruments for stirring such as wooden spoons are also included in this type of baking equipment.

The next type of baking equipment is used for handling and forming your bread. Generally known as makeup equipment, these products ensure that your ingredients are safe from being broken as they are being formed. Makeup equipment normally consist of dividers where you would place your dough which will then be shaped by the said device. Through these products, you can create perfectly round hamburger buns and breads of various shapes and sizes.

After mixing and forming the ingredients for your bread, you now have to proceed with the actual process of baking. For this purpose, you would use baking devices. The most common of which is the oven. Ovens are divided into a few types. First is the classic deck oven. Using stone and brick, this oven allows you to bake your bread the traditional way. Next, the rack oven is suitable for large bakeries. It has certain notable features such as the heavy-duty lifting system used in handling huge volumes of bread. Third is the revolving oven whose main advantage is flexibility. Its revolving pan system ensures that all parts of your bread are baked properly. This feature also lets you view the bread while it is being baked.

Moving on, once your product has been baked, you need to put it in a presentable pan, tray, or basket. These items are called smallware and they are the next type of baking equipment. Apart from breads, cookies and pastries can also be served using these pieces of smallware.

Another type of baking equipment deals with freezing and refrigeration. It is true that providing proper cooling to your product can prolong its life and enhance its taste and quality. Hence, should you decide on starting a business focused on baking, You have to obtain a specific refrigeration device for your breads. Types of refrigeration devices include reach-in refrigerators, roll-in refrigerators, and walk-in refrigerators. These devices differ mainly in terms of size.

Finally, once you have baked and provided cooling to your product, you now have to serve it. In addition to the aforementioned trays and pans, slicing equipment are necessary in this stage. For individual servings, you of course can use the standard knife and cutter. But if you would serve more people, using an electric slicer would be advisable.
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