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You Can Ensure Your Website Will Be A Success

Jun 13, 2008
Whether your business has a physical storefront or if your simple work from home business is run entirely on the Internet, a well built website can make or break business success. There are some tips and guidelines that can assist you in creating a website that is sure to please. In order to achieve this, there are five areas that you want to focus on when creating your site. These areas include a site that is welcoming, clear, customer service oriented, product details and affiliate links. In the next paragraph each of these areas will be discussed to provide a clear definition of each.

When a customer enters your site the first impression is visual. You want the colors and print to offer an inviting feel. The first glimpse at your site can lead to further reading or a fast click of the back button. Make sure that you design your sites theme around your product or business. For example if you have a website that offers children products you want a light and easy feel. Colorful and carefree should be the tone of your site. You would not want monochromatic colors and not photos. You have to fit the feel of the site to the product as well as your target audience.

This area is similar to the above example in the fact that you are once again basing your site set up on your target audience. If you have a business site, be it informational or service offer, it will be more professional and eloquent. If your site is for example a homework help site for teens you want it to appear less adult like but not childlike either. You would not want to use baby talk but you would not want to carry words on your site that a teen would have to pull out a dictionary for. Websites are all about suiting your customers likes and needs.

A customer service area should be included in your simple work from home business. Either a phone number or email address to send questions, suggestions or concerns to. If a customer feels that you want to cater to them they will be much more pleased with your site and become a return visitor. Be sure to set up an auto-responder with your email. This sends an immediate reply to your customers address assuring them that you have received their email, that you appreciate their time to contact you, and a time frame in which you will be able to provide a response to their message. This gives customers a sense of comfort. They see that you are a professional site and they will look forward to hearing from you.

The number one thing that will turn a customer away is if they feel that you are hiding or have simply left out information. If your product is appealing enough people will pay any price. If your product seems appealing but they are left with unanswered questions they are likely to visit another business site. If possible provide a product photo, size, shape, color etc. If you are selling a service be specific enough that a customer fully understands a product without rambling on unnecessarily. If they know what they are buying they will buy it.

Carrying affiliate links shows a customer that you are not just a ruthless sales person, but that you generally care that they find what they are looking for. If your site sells skin care products and there is a site that offers similar products that you do not carry, this link offers customer the chance to find exactly what they are looking for. They may not purchase a product the first time around, but if they remember your site was helpful they are likely to return. They may even spread news of your site through word of mouth. You just received yourself some free advertising.

If your site is appealing over all and it is truly designed with your target audience in mind then your site will be sure to be a success and create a rise in business profit.
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