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Save Gas and Money!, Shop Online!

Jun 13, 2008
With gas prices peaking ove $4/gallon in some places in the US ...

And much higher in many other countries, which has been the case for a long time, e.g. in Sierra Leone the current average gas price is $18.43, Wow! Huh?

I believe people are finally starting to take notice ... to the *pain* in their pocketbook, huh? ...

Are you feeling this "*pain* / pinch" in your pocketbook yet?

And more and more people are starting to look for ways to Save Money by Saving Gas! Right?

Well, in my humble opinion (IMHO), you may Save a Lot of Gas and Money by Shopping Online! ...

Instead of, just for one, driving back and forth to the grocery store(s), drug store(s), department store(s), shopping mall(s), etc. etc. Right?!

Just think of ...

How many times per week do you drive to one of these types of stores to buy something that you probably could have ordered online and had shipped directly to your doorstep? ...

How much Money, and precious Gas, you could be saving each week by buying just some of these things online?

Let's do some quick calculations of How Much Money / Gas You could Save Per Week (month, and/or year), by buying some of the things you routinely buy online instead, ok? ...

Pick some items that you generally buy each week (or each month, etc.) that you could buy online instead.

For each of the stores that you would have to drive to in order to pick up these items ...

Sum up the number of miles you would have to drive there and then back again for each of these trips ...

Divide this number of miles by the average miles per gallon you get from the vehicle you would actually drive on these shopping trips ...

That gives you the total number of gallons of gas that you would save each week (month or year) by buying these items online instead, right?

Now, how much Extra Cash would that leave in Your Pocket, instead of in the Gas Station's each week (month or year)? ...

Well, just multiple this number of gallons of gas times, let's say, $4.00 per gallon, so ...

How much Money would You Save?

Now, let's take a look at the types of items you included as those that you felt you could buy online instead of driving to the store and see if we can't find you even More Money/Gas You could Save!, ok?

I assume that you included (or should have) at least the following categories of items that you should be able to easily buy online vs. driving to a store to get:

1) Clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.
2) Home and garden items
3) Entertainment items, like movies/DVD's, music CD's, books, etc.
4) Electronics and computer equipment and supplies
5) Parmecueticals / prescription drugs


Ok, so ...

Did you consider? ...

6) Groceries / food - YES! Believe it or not you may be able to even buy (at least some of) your groceries online and have them delivered to your door!

Check it out! e.g. on Google and see if you can't find a company or even your local grocery store who will deliver your groceries right to your door! ;)

And you can always order restaurant take out and save some gas (although maybe not money) vs. driving to the grocery store too, right?

6) Tobacco products (if you use them) - we order all of our "smokes" online and have a large box periodically delivered to our door! ;)

And I am sure once you get into the "hang of it" to Always first search online to see if you can buy whatever it is you were going to drive to the store to get, that you will find All kinds of Additional Items you can buy online and save Even More Gas and Money by buying online first! Right?

(Please leave a Comment with any categories of items that you find you, and others, can buy online that we may have missed here for Everyone's Benefit, ok?)

Ok, so let's add all the new items that you didn't think you could get online before and now realize you may be able to and recomputed your Gas and Money Savings using the forumula above ...

Now How much Gas and Money would You Save each week, month, year Now?

(Please leave a Comment with how Much Gas and Money you calculated You would Save per week, month and/or year would be, ok?)

I believe you will be Surprised how much Gas and Money just buying what you can online will Save!
Weren't you?! ;)

Additionally, just think about how You are making a Significant Contribution to Saving the Precious Gas / Oil / Fossil Fuel reserves of Our Planet while we search for and implement more cost effective alternatives, by just Buying Online First!

In a subsequent posting, we may even talk more about how Buying Direct Online Saves Even More of the Precious Gas / Oil / Fossil Fuel reserves of Our Planet throughout the entire "value chain" and may ultimately Save You Even More Money!, ok?

Again, We want to know What You Think about all of this!, so ...

You are Invited and More than Welcome to also Please Post your Comments about this article at: http://i-shoptheworld.com/2008/05/31/save-gas-and-money-shop-online/

(References: (1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gasoline_usage_and_pricing#Average_gasoline_prices_around_the_world )
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