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How to Make $1200 Every Month Writing Articles? - Simple Numbers Game

Aug 17, 2007
In this article I will give you a simple game plan, when executed, can make you upto $1200 and much more every month by just writing articles.

Is it easy, effortless and will it require time and money?

First let me answer these questions before getting started.

Yes it is easy but it does require some initial cut throat efforts from your part.

Yes, it will require some time every day to execute this plan but it is almost free. It will not cost you a dime after some initial setup.

So how to execute this system. This system is based on my initial testing and it has a viral effect that will build up a strong foundation of your internet business for lifetime, once you have put some initial efforts.

And yes, this system is also based on duplication. Example 1 article gets x visitors so 10 articles will get 10x visitors and 10x sales.

Thats what I am about to show you. If this system is executed based on the duplication system then making money using this system is a numbers game.

Ok Murtuza, it's enough, now please show me the system, I can hear you saying.

This is not something you have never heard about.

It is a simple game plan. The reason that I have boiled this down into a step by step process is that maximum people fail in article marketing because they are not consistent enough and they never have a clue as to what is happening with their articles, they are not tracking them enough to get the numbers.

Now I will show you exactly what you need to do and how to play the numbers game.

Step 1 - I am sure you have something to sell right now that you want to promote using articles. Whether it may be your own product or any affiliate product. If you don't have it, find one hot selling product right now.

Step 2 - Write a killer article in your niche. It's simple to write articles, you will find many articles and ebooks showing you how to write a simple article.

It's not difficult. Frankly I never follow any steps while writing articles, I just write as if I am speaking to a friend sitting next to me and explaining him a particular topic.

Think it that way and I bet it will be extremely easy for you to churn out killer articles at rocket speed.

Step 3 - Find out a killer article distribution service. I personally use 'Article Marketer' to distribute my articles.

There are many softwares and services in the market and some are free. Check out a killer article distribution service or a software right now.

Step 4 - Get in place a link tracking and a ROI ( Return On Investment ) tracking system.

You will need this to determe the conversion ratio of your website and track the visitors coming to your website through your articles.

I personally use 'Ad Track Z' to track my website conversion rates.

Once you have a tracking system in place, insert your tracking link in the resource box of your article. This will help you to track visitors pouring into your website through your article.

Step 5 - Now keep a watch as to what is happening behind the scenes. Write 10 articles and submit it to article distribution service. Check out your tracking system next few days. Lets say each article got you 20 visitors, so you received 200 visitors by submitting 10 articles.

Your website conversion ratio is 2%, therefore you sold 2 products each making you $30 net profit. So you made a total of $60 profits by writing and submitting 10 articles.

This simply means that 1 article made you a net profit of $6. This is the number that you should track down. What is the net profit that each article is giving you?

Now it is simple math. Doing x work you make y profits. So doing 2x work you should make 2y profits.

Writing 1 article made you $6 profits. If you write 100 articles you will make $600 profits.

And if you write 200 articles every month, you will make $1200 profits.

My main goal in this article is to explain you that tracking and planning can make you print your checks every month in this game of internet marketing.

It is simple, making money online or by article marketing is a SIMPLE numbers game.
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