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The Importance of Campaign Yard Signs

Jun 13, 2008
Election yard signs are not just cardboard on a stick for your front yard. They are literally reminders of the foundation of American government; what it represents and is all about. When viewed from this perspective, they carry significant weight.

Advance Your Candidate's Cause with Campaign yard signs

Election yard signs may be considered bottom-of-the-barrel marketing when compared to more flashy forms of political advertising. However, they are a favored grassroots marketing tool that has stood the test of time. Used by local political candidates and those who aspire to national offices as well, they are tried, true and effective. One might say that election yard signs are the granddaddy of all forms of political marketing.

Given how effective Campaign yard signs can be, the design of them is extremely important. They can literally sway a "Nay," vote to a "Yay" vote, and vice versa. Design speaks to the image of a candidate and his or her message. It allows a candidate's message hit a nerve. But, it must first get through. When you consider that the American public is assailed by thousands of marketing messages every day, yours has to be something special to get through. How do you make that happen?

2 Effective Design Tips for Campaign yard signs that "Get the Vote!"

Make it Readable: The first tip in designing an effective, vote-getting political yard sign is to make it readable. Many overlook this simple fact by trying to crowd too much on one sign. Go for one impactful message to be effective.

Decide on Its Purpose: Campaign yard signs generally serve one of three purposes: to garner votes for a particular candidate, to encourage voters not to vote for a candidate or to heighten the awareness of a candidate. Decide which purpose you want before you set out to design your Campaign yard signs.
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