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The World of Inside Sales

Jun 14, 2008
The sales department is one of the most important departments in any company. It is that vital to a company's success because it determines whether or not products or services get sold or not. And hence, they also provide the means by which companies make money. But of course it also depends on the kinds of products that the company proposes to sell.

But there are two distinct kinds of salespeople. These two divisions are composed of what people call the inside salespersons and the outside salespersons. Many companies' key to success is the fact that they have not just one but both of these divisions to help them. But of course in the end it is always up to the company.

The major difference between the two divisions is obviously the way they conduct their business. Inside sales usually man that the people doing the selling are confined within the company office and transact with people over the phone. Outside sales on the other hand sees people going out into the field to sell their products in person.

For those who feel that the office environment is more suited to their liking they should consider going into inside sales. These kinds of salespersons rarely leave the office for official work and do not need to meet people in person in order to sell their products.

On the other hand, the stress from being an internal salesperson comes from the schedule. You have very a limited say on the course of your duties because internal salespersons must always be there for their customers to attend to every questions, requests, complaints and concerns that they have. You have to devote your whole time at work to addressing the customers' problems so your schedule is mostly out of your hands.

One of the most important skills that a salesperson should possess is the ability to persuade someone to buy something without actually showing the person the actual product. Inside salespersons do this and have been using this method ever since the telephone became an item that can be used for sales. A good and persuasive sales agent can make a customer buy a product with the power of words alone.
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