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How to Get Your Message Above the Crowds

Jun 14, 2008
Imagine your product, service, or website announced to thousands of people at the same time, and most of them remember it! That is a dream come true for those who are willing to invest in aerial advertising. It is a cost effective means of getting a message out without competition from rivals. A company or individual simply contracts a firm to make a banner or logo sign and then to fly it over a heavily populated outdoor event where over half the people will probably remember their message.

Aerial advertising has proven effective just about anywhere an outside gathering of people may be found including during fairs, firework shows, concerts, ball games, rush hour traffic, parades, water shows, and races. Both national and local companies have used it to get more people to remember their company's name. It has also been used to present birthday wishes and even as a way to propose!

There are basically three different types of messages offered by aerial advertising companies. First, banners are long streamers with a message such as, "Visit Loretta's For Our Special Sale," or "Happy Birthday, Bob!" These can reach 100 feet or more in length. A second and more popular message is the flying billboard. This could be as large as 4000 square feet and often has the same content as a roadside billboard would have. The message is brief, informative, and catchy. Some contain websites and if the domain is easy to remember, people can learn more about the product after they get home. Third, some combine these two with a billboard followed by a trailer (short banner) that gives more information. For instance, a business may put its name and logo on the billboard followed by their address on the trailer.

Safety issues might come to mind with this means of advertising. After all, isn't it dangerous to fly a single engine plane over a crowd of people? Rest assured that the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has set safe limits on how close to the crowd the plane may fly, both at beach areas and near stadiums. The effect of these parameters in no way prohibits the visibility of the ad.

Many companies wanting to get their message to the public quickly and for a minimum of cost have opted to try aerial advertising. Most of them are quite pleased with the result. After all, for those thirty or so seconds while the plane passes, their product is the only one the audience has to think about.
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But not all aerial advertising companies are the same. Some will take your order and contract it to others. You would do well to stick with a banner towing company that has planes stationed throughout the US.
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