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What Is Adsense And How Can You Use It?

Jun 14, 2008
Everybody who surf's the internet has at one time or another run into Adsense ads. Nowadays they seem to be on just about every website out there. We have them to if you haven't noticed. If your wondering why they're so popular it's because they work and they're easy to set up. And it might just be that you could use them too.

Of course many websites run by bigger companies have the ability to actually sell their ad space themselves but for smaller businesses on a tight budget using something like Adsense is a good way to go. In fact it has proven so popular that there have been a number of books written on the subject. Our goal here is to just give you the basics of the program. If you want more information you can use our search engine and type in Adsense.

Its starts with a website. You need to already have a published website to sign up for the program. It doesn't though need to be a finished website. But you do need to have some pages published that have some sort of content that lets visitors know what the website is going to be.

I recommend waiting until the site is about half way done and it contains relevant content to what you are building. The reason for this is that once you sign up Adsense needs to be able to review the site for content. They of course do not want their ads appearing on inappropriate websites. Publishing areas that are meant to contain text can help with this more than adding all your photos would.

Okay so you've got the begginings of your website published or you already have one and are prepared to make some changes. The next step is to sign up. If you don't already have a regular Adsense account you'll be asked to create one before you can sign up for Adsense.

They'll ask you for an email address which does not have to be an Adsense one. Once that is out of the way you can sign up for Adsense and submit your website address. Now comes the hard part, you have to sit back and wait. Probably for three or four days maybe more. And even though they will be checking out your website you can keep working on it.

Okay now assuming you've been approved and most websites have no reason not to be we'll move on to the next part. Now Adsense will walk you through what to do. It's a fairly easy process that will have you ready in no time. Once you've gone through their set up process you'll be ready to post some ads. During setup you will need to be prepared to fill out a quick tax form as you do have to pay taxes on your earnings. You'll also need to provide a bank account for them to send your payment unless you prefer to receive a check in the mail.

Once your setup is complete you'll be ready to create some ads. Now you do need to realize that you do not get to pick who's ad is displayed. What happens instead is your website is constantly checked for content. They search the content and use keywords so that Adsense can send you ads that will be relevant to your site. Using our website as an example we obviously get sent ads that are business related. So based on what kind of website you've put together you should receive mostly relevant ads.

The final step depends on who is resposible for editing your site. Our website is run by our own staff and we have the ability to not only edit our content but also the ads we display. We can pick both the size of the ad and where we want to place it on any given page. So if you do your own editing then this can be a very easy process for you.

There are two basic types of ads, text and image. You can also do a rotating ad that alternates between the two. They have some basic sizes to pick from and you can set up as many styles of ad as you like. For each page of your website you're allowed up to three ads that can be any size. Once you've created the type of ad you need you'll be provided with the link to it.

The link itself is html code that has been written for you. Once you see the code it's as simple as copy and paste. If you pay for professional website design then the code can be provided to your webmaster for them to put it in. But it's basically that simple they write the code for you you copy it and paste it into the appropriate area. Once you publish the page you'll be able to see the ads, but only on the actual website not in any kind of preview mode that your website buildng program may have.

Now the final question is how do you make money? It's pretty simple, your paid for impressions. Basically every time someone views a web page you get an impression. Once you reach 1,000 impressions you've earned some money. How much I can't say as it varies. But this information should allow you to get started.
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