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World of Warcraft Honor Bot, Stop Repeating Yourself

Jun 14, 2008
Honor, that is what you get and what you can gain, while playing World of Warcraft. You will have to play the game well enough but honor will be your reward. The honor system is a nice system because when you have a lot of honor you can make it work for you as if it was a currency and get rewards like weapons, armor and other things. It is treated the same as gold and silver which you get when you kill a monster or complete a quest. There are of course times during the day that you can not play your favorite online game, we all have to go to work, school or other social engagements, and need a different way of gaining honor. Enter the honor bot. This little piece of software can run your World of Warcraft character for you doing a repeating action on the battleground. Using such a bot will help you gain honor while you are away from the keyboard. But there is a drawback in that an honor bot is rather limited in the actions it can perform for you and there is a good chance that the other players will see that you are not at the controls at that time but are using a bot to complete your moves.

We have to tell you that using an honor bot is against the terms of service according to blizzard, the creators of World of Warcraft but we also have to sat that they are not doing much against it at the moment. If they do catch you all your honor points will be gone and you will be baned from the server for three days, that is of course when it is your first offence. The penalty for a second offence is not known, at least not by me.

When you are going to use a bot you will have to think about where and in what situation you are going set it up. Make sure all the moves that you program are correct and test it before you put it on auto pilot.

You should ask yourself the question if it is worth the trouble you can get in to. While it is tempting to use an honor bot, certainly for newcomers to the game, it does not help you in learning the game. Maybe it will give you a lot of honor in the time that you are doing other things but you will have lost experience, not in points but in real game play experience.

After all, doing it all by yourself and gaining points by fighting that monster gives you more satisfaction and you learn new tricks with which the next monster is killed a lot easier or that quest will end sooner. When you tell your friends how much honor you have in World of Warcraft, it's better to tell them about all the monsters you had to slay to get that much, then to tell them you built it up while having dinner or when you were at school.

Using a bot, in the end, will not gain you honor while your away, not really.
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