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Avoiding A Global Recession In Your Business

Jun 14, 2008
We all hear every day about how there's a possibility of a global recession. No matter where you are in the world, you've probably heard about the housing marketing crash in the States. Depending on where you live, you might be hearing daily that the UK housing marketing is also looking grim.

Whether a global recession occurs or not, there will be people whose businesses go under simply because of the speculation about a recession. It's incredibly sad but it's a fact and it's happened all throughout history whenever the economy has faltered.

The owners of these businesses slowly slip into a 'doom and gloom' mentality... they avidly read all the papers and intently watch all the news on the telly and worry worry worry about it all... and then as this negativity starts infiltrating their lives, they start struggling for clients. When this happens they take it as 'proof' and they moan about it more and more and worry about it more and more until they are literally frozen with fear.

They stop their business building activities because they are worried about a lack of cash and this then has an even worse affect on their business. Eventually they get to the point where they've not got enough money coming into pay their mortgage or rent. They'll then either go bankrupt or they'll have to quit running their business and take a job that they don't want just so they can pay their bills.

For those that slip into this doom and gloom scenario, the only outcome is that everything will go bottoms up for them. However there is another way and it works in ALL market conditions... global recession or not...

This 'other way' is to strengthen your business to the point where you've got a continual flow of potential new clients walking in the door and a continual flow of loyal happy clients coming back and back... no matter what the economy is doing.

I'm talking here about creating a client base that is SO loyal that nothing short of the world stopping spinning is going to make them cancel their appointment with you.

The easiest way to start creating such a strong client base is to build yourself a database of interested clients and potential clients. Then work in earnest to build a genuine relationship with them. Send them regular newsletters. Go above and beyond. Give them free information. Educate them on your area of expertise. Help them.

Be generous with your expert knowledge and they will begin to trust you and before you know it, they will be knocking on your door wanting an appointment.
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Rebecca Kepple specializes in helping business owners massively increase their client base and profits. To get instant access to her free insider secrets report 'The Top 7 Secrets for Massively Increasing Your Client Base' visit: http://www.wellbeingbusinesssecrets.com.
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