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How To Easily Create Back Links For Your Website

Jun 14, 2008
Using back links is one of the fastest ways to increase the exposure and the traffic of your website. There really are a number of ways to do it. The first thing to try is link exchanging with relevant sites. This is a free method of gaining back links through it may not be the most effective method as recent times has seen a switch from exchanging links to other methods.

This is because many of the ranking sites that you would want to exchange links with are either going to charge a fee or they are not going to want to exchange links with a site that has a ranking below a certain point. It is simply easier to consider other options at least until you build the ranking you need to exchange with the higher ranked sites.

It really is much faster to submit links to directories. Directories are large repositories of links that are organized based on categories. There are hundreds of these directories and the majority of them are going to contain a number of sites that will be able to share links and provide you with a wealth of exposure that you need in order to be able to promote your website.

You have a couple of options with these directories you can simply submit to them making sure you have the categories for you website correct. This is essential or you can actively submit and then go through the entire directory and exchange links with everyone in your category that is relevant.

You can think of a directory as a phone book. In fact, it was what people used to find websites prior to the current search engines. This means there are literally hundreds of directories, all of which are still active and still used. In fact, there are websites that are dedicated to these directories. In order to receive hundreds of back links you need to submit to them regularly.

There are even software applications that can assist you in making the submission process easy. You will want to do your submissions for back links in batches. Too many submissions in a short period of time will raise a flag with most search engines that may be counter productive. However, out of all the ways there are to submit to directories software applications are probably going to be the easiest and fastest way to get a large number of submissions in a short period of time.

Directories are just one way to make good use of back links for your website and to generate a large number of them in a short period of time. This increases both page ranking and exposure both of which are necessary for generating traffic and pulling customers in.

It should not be the only method you are using to market your website but it is definitely one of the methods that should be incorporated in your internet marketing strategy when you are devising a plan to boost your website ranking and generate traffic.
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