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Network Marketing - A Great Way to Make a Good Income

Jun 14, 2008
Network marketing is the business of relationships; it's about helping people to build their own business or to focus on your customers for your services and products. Network marketing is all about sales and it's basically an unseen business.

With a small sum of money and persistence, anyone can make large sums of money with network marketing. However this requires education based on market test results.

Millions of people all around the world are silently building network marketing business. Each person helps to build and gather customers for other network marketers thus the word network. It's about helping each other build a good solid foundation for a business to sell your products or services and everyone get paid for helping each other because we all want to see each other succeed.

Network marketing is where you have a product or service and someone buys from you and they like this product or service and they want to recommend it to all their friends or family or sell it on their website, then you help in place a link from your website onto their website so that they can sell your product and services for you and make a profit as well. This can also be known as affiliate marketing.

If you'd like to make money through network marketing you don't have to have a product or service to sell you can try other people's product and services and then link to their website so that you can offer their products and services to other people by expanding their network of growing customers. But it's often best to have your own products and services because you somehow seem more trustworthy that way.

And by the same token, the people you that you recommend to others to buy their products and services will in turn recommend your products and services and that's how network marketing works, its helping people build business one customer at a time. It may take awhile, especially if you are only recommending other peoples products and services to make money but if you have your own products and services and people are recommending them then it shouldn't take long for me to be making money.

Another way to get your products and services out there is through social networking. This is an often used technique by sales professionals to network themselves, 'get out there' and 'be seen.' But how do you do that when you are an on-line business? There are many different social networking sights available today that will help you remain visible and allow you to place your website or a link to your webpages within your profile.

Places like MySpace and Friendster concentrate more on making friends or finding long lost ones, there are other, newer sites out there for social networking for business people.

LinkedIn is a social network that helps you find professionals either from schools or businesses. 43Things is a social network of goal oriented professionals. Pownce and Twitter are both micro-blogging spots to share whatever is on your mind.

Utterz is brand new and you can share your views about current event through voice or video as well as the old-fashioned way, typing on the computer!
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