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Traffic Secrets For Wholesale Merchandise and Retail Distributors

Jun 14, 2008
Be it for wholesale merchandise selling or not, the acquired units from wholesale distributors need to be eliminated from warehouse in order to profit. It doe not matter whether you acquired your items with a deep discount or not, with scam sources at retail prices that are bad for any newcomer or whether you have the best potential price on the market for your given newly acquired widget, if you don't have traffic - you are out of business.

It does not matter who you are, the secret stash of cash you may have or how big your Real Estate net worth might be, if you do not acquire customers you are out of business. The only thing to ask is how to acquire traffic on the Internet. What are the best, smart options to drive traffic to my website and what are the mysteries in basic acquisition of receiving consistent set of leads in order to have more business.

If you have ideas of any of the above, you know it is basic marketing 101. Problem being, the successful system used online is not quite the same one used for big profits on the Internet. As due-diligence goes, it would be easy to saturate, legally spam given countries of D-Boards and stickers for acquiring customers.

Around local business, if you are among the conglomerate of wholesale distributors and you have wholesale merchandise to move out from your office or warehouse - you know that it does not come cheap. It might be in the long run but not in the short term if following average and traditional marketing.

Situation being for around 30 D-Boards you could be paying around $80-$130 full color for a nice offline promotion that god knows when the promotion is going to be pulled out by your county. If you successfully track your marketing, you might be able to afford the regular rates of $450 to $1,800 per month for high traffic spots. But we do not want to buy traffic locally or on the Internet, we want to get it as easily as possible and without much work.

Locally you can do it better than anyone by tracking your results by either offering coupons or using sub-domain extension names to track amount of visitors and definitely by the sales received thanks to the great use of your merchant shopping cart.

Online is pretty much the same, the great thing about it - you do not have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to saturate 10 mile ratios of your given city with D-Boards. That use to be the old way on Internet traffic exchanges thanks to social conditioning it was great for those early entrepreneurs but it is not the best way today.

The best way to ensure constant flood of traffic to your unique brand and marvelous products is by promoting content. Content be it by press release, by using social media through videos, by promoting ezines just like this one, forming strategic alliances between commercial sites that are not in direct competition with you and through many other options available that could suit your strengths.

Important element will be to know the best options for selling your wholesale merchandise and having acquiring leads to sell the products from your latest wholesale distributors special offers. Know them!
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