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Please Send A Thank You Note After The Job Interview

Jun 14, 2008
So, why do we need to send a thank you note?

There are allot of reason why you should send a thank you note after the job interview:

1. It will make you "stand out" from the rest of the candidates. Remember, only 5 percent of the candidate do it.
2. It will indicate for the employer that you are very serious about getting the job.
3. If you, for some kind of reason, do not want the job, you can always send the employer a thank you note and tell them that you are not interested. It will save the employers allot of time and you will not "burn" any bridges for the future.
4. Some employers forget all those candidates who do not send a thank you notes

When and how?

1. You should send the letter within 24 hours after the job interview
2. The letter could be handwritten or typed. Studies has shown that it really does not matter which you choose.
3. In the letter, you should mention the interview you just has made with the interviewer.
4. Let the interviewer know that you appreciate the time he or she spent in the interview process
5. Add a positive statement about something you learned about the position or the company.
6. Add a comment concerning something that was discussed during the interview
7. To be on the safe side, deliver the thank you note by yourself. If you are sure that the employer read the emails, then send them by email instead.

Other thing which could be nice to know is:

1. Send a handwritten note if your relationship with the employer dictates personal touch.
2. If there are several people that is interviewing you, send them all a thank you note. It is OK to make only one and then copy that.

So, that is it. It was not that hard, was it? Just a last recommendation: Do not forget to check if there is any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the note and, you can also ask someone to read the letter. If you do not do it, and the text is full of spelling or grammatical mistakes, your chances of getting the job decrease rapidly.

I hope that you find this article interesting. For more information about job interviews, please visit my website (see resource box)

Take care
Patrik Karlsson
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