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Share Your Wisdom - Publish a Book

Jun 14, 2008
Every business has within it a wealth of knowledge and experience that could benefit others. Whether this is how to use your products efficiently and effectively (eg a user's manual), or lessons learnt starting and expanding your business, it is likely that you are sitting on a potential source of revenue.

Additionally, there may be frequently asked questions about your products and business that are time-consuming to answer, or additional material that you would be willing to make available to your customers, but that you are unwilling to share for free.

This is where publishing a book of your knowledge could prove a worthwhile exercise. Not only could it reduce the time you spend giving away your expertise for nothing, but it could prove economically beneficial.

Publishing no longer means needing to send manuscripts out and receiving letters of rejection, nor having to find large sums of money to self-publish. The advent of on demand publishing means that you can publish a book, catalogue, or even a DVD, with little or no financial outlay through companies such as Lulu or Amazon's CreateSpace. These companies print a book only when a copy is sold, thereby reducing the need to store copies of your book. They also handle sales and shipping, meaning that you are free to get on with running your business.

Your book might be an e-book rather than a printed copy, and therefore available as an immediate download. These e-books have been used effectively by internet marketers for years to generate revenue, and can be sold far more cheaply than a printed version. An e-book can be sold for as little as 1, or as much as you choose, and it is very easy to include a link to your ebook in emails, on websites etc, thereby adding yet another product to your range. Most on demand publishers offer the chance to produce a manuscript as both a print copy and an e-book.

The benefits of on demand publishing include the fact that any amendments to the book can be made directly to the PDF file and any further copies sold will include these revisions. This is a distinct advantage over the old method of having to include an amendments sheet in each copy of the older version of the printed book, or worse, having to bin all copies of the previous edition. This works especially well for catalogues and brochures, and can reduce your annual spend on such items considerably.

You receive a percentage of the sales (royalties), and once your book is produced and marketed, there is little else you need do beyond bank the cheques.

Everyone has a book inside them, and you do not need to be a great writer to produce a book about your business. If you have real problems writing, it is worth employing a ghost writer to turn your ideas and knowledge into a book, especially if the book is likely to solve problems within the business like answering phone calls and emails asking the same questions over and over again. Just being able to offer your customers the answers for a nominal sum will see you recoup your investment quite quickly.
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