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Jun 14, 2008
Take a quick look at your website now and see whether you have been neglecting your updates - what is the most recent date in your news section, or the last article you posted? If it is older than 2 months, then you need to update sooner rather than later.

If you want to put news on your site, make sure that you have the resources to keep it up to date and fresh. Many small businesses have websites which are difficult to update in-house, especially where there is a lack of IT knowledge or web wise employees. However, help is at hand for easy updates with the likes of Blogger and similar tools that allow you to type in content and be immediately visible to your visitors. This saves paying a website designer each time you want to add a snippet of information.

If you are contemplating a new website, it is always worth considering how you will keep it updated and ensuring you have an easy to use content management system so that you are in charge of all updates. Even within a very small micro business, it is worth making the time to update your site yourself and save yourself the costs of using an 'expert' to make the changes for you. It can take as long to explain to them what you need doing as just doing it yourself, and once you are accustomed to the content management system, site updates can become part of your daily or weekly task list.

You can also add content automatically by including RSS feeds from other sites who do have the resources to update regularly. These could include news sources and industry sites who cover stories which may be of interest to your target audience, and are nearly always free to include in your website.

The content on your website will help to shape the opinions of potential customers, and ensure you stand out from your competitors. You should not just regurgitate the same old content others have, nor copy it from elsewhere. Your content should be yours and unique.

In order to create valuable content, you need to get to know your potential customers and site visitors, and envisage what they want to read about, or are interested in. You can find this out with a poll asking what people would like to know more about, or by asking visitors what they came to the site for, or what they expected to find. This feedback can be invaluable in not only creating the right content, but also in understanding your site visitors and your target audience, as well as engaging with them.

Content should include keywords, be easy to read (even if highly technical), unique to your site, and regularly checked to ensure that what it says is still accurate. It should also be easy to link to for others who have found it valuable, so where it is an article or news item, add easy ways to bookmark it, including delicious, stumbleupon etc for social bookmarking sites.
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