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How To Use Promotional Candies for Business Advertising

Jun 14, 2008
If you ask anyone that works in an office all day or somebody else that drives a truck, undoubtedly they would say that they like candy. So, why not use candies as a way to promote your company.

Candies are a good item to use when promoting your business because it not only offers people something they like but your company will be advertised as well.

The candies that you choose to use as promotional items will only be effective if they have your company logo or insignia on the wrapper or on the actual candy. When people go to reach for one of your candies they will see your company. Hence, this type of advertising is very effective.

Mint candies are one of the more popular kinds of candies used as promotional items. The mint candies are individually wrapped and, therefore, your company logo is imprinted directly onto the wrapper and the people will see your company name again.

If you would prefer something of a bulk nature then you would be interested in getting small mint tins. This kind of advertising is more successful being at a reception area when visitors come to an office. Therefore, when someone reaches for the mint tin to get a candy they will see who is advertising with free candies before they even get to enjoy the treat.

Two immediate advantages of using mint candies are that they are a very effective promotional item and affordable as well. One individually wrapped candy is only 10 cents per piece. But, you can also consider using jellybeans or cinnamon candies for promoting your business. Some other ideas are to make it a seasonal theme like little candy hearts on Valentine's Day or witches and pumpkin candies at Halloween.

Chocolates are also a great way to advertise for you business. You can go for the cheaper option, which is to offer individually, wrapped chocolates with your company's name or logo on the wrappers. However, you can spend a little more money and actually have that information printed right onto the chocolate itself. This can get rather expensive depending on the design of the chocolate. However, this is an effective way to advertise because it always gets people's attention and gets them talking. It will typically cost about $2.00 a chocolate bar to do this. However, the more you buy the cheaper they will be.

So, if you are searching for new advertising ideas and a new approach to your promotional items then using promotional candies will be of great benefit to your company. Most people like to have a little something to munch on during the day so why not put your logo on it. With so many types and flavors of candies your options are endless.
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