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EDC, Roadmap to riches, and Perfect Wealth Formula: No Comparison

Jun 14, 2008
If you've examined the many programs accessible to business seekers today and have seen EDC Diamond, Roadmap To Riches, and Perfect Wealth Formula, you might have noticed that there's hardly any differences between the three. Even though all three of the companies are advertised separately from one another, if you take a closer look at the products that make up their business, they are all identical.

At first glance these systems all advertise themselves as a quick way to create large sums of money by selling software products and e-books. Still, if we take a closer look at the products we start to spot significant resemblances. Most of the items are just copies of others with different names, and they all seem to mimic the useless freebies that you see cluttered all over the internet.

As a matter of fact, Perfect Wealth Formula was simply a recreation of EDC Diamond and EDC Gold. The creator is an ex member and simply copied EDC Gold and EDC Diamond. With the exception of a few minor extras, the two systems are practically one and the same.

And let's not exclude Roadmap To Riches. The lifeblood of their business is fifty self help books that range from every problem out there. It allows you to market to cigarette addicts, nail biters, the obese, and the list goes on. Not only that, but it's not even as if the products are only available through these companies. A simple Google search will show that anyone can find free versions of these "valuable" eBooks and software programs. What you really don't see is that the software and products are cover up of what really must be done to make money, which is sell others on the OPPORTUNITY. It's about getting others excited about the idea of making lots of money with these systems. You won't find any affiliates claiming to break the bank by selling self help books and software like hot cakes.

If you're leaning towards EDC Diamond, EDC Gold, Perfect Wealth Formula, Big Ticket To Wealth, or any other similar program and you have no idea what it takes to make money with an online business, stop to consider other systems that will turn you into an experienced marketer. If you're new to the game of online marketing, which is usually the case, it is important that you place importance on finding a mentor or a system that will educate you and teach you the basics. No matter how good of a product you have in your possession, it's not going to sell itself.

It doesn't matter if you have a great product, with a webpage that makes every viewer want to pull out their credit card and purchase your item, it will mean nothing if you can't even get people to your webpage. Without internet marketing skills, you will fall into the demographic of failed business owners and unfortunately waste your money.

EDC Diamond, EDC Gold, Big Ticket To Wealth, Perfect Wealth Formula and many others weren't made to turn new members into experienced internet marketers because that would be like mentoring your competition. It is better to find the program where your peers have an incentive to help you become successful. A program that will help you learn the ropes and at the same time give you access to high yield and high value products that consumers want to buy. When you find this, your success is mandatory, not optional.

It is my hope that this article is of value to you in your search for a program that meets your needs. Hopefully, you've come across this before forking your money over to a company that is less than right for you.

In closing, I suggest that you be as nitpicky as you possibly can when researching all of the businesses you come across, and base their quality on the proper criteria.

Wishing you the best success

Joe Marquez
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