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Internet Businesses-- Things You MUST Know About The Training

Jun 14, 2008
Considering which home business opportunity is the right one for you is not an easy task. Each company's marketing materials and website are designed to help you see only the good and none of the bad. This is neither good nor bad in itself; it's just a fact. I considered over one hundred business opportunities, during which time I developed a list of "Things to Know." I then subtitled them Things To Know About The Company, About The Products, About The Pay Plan, and About The Training. This article will cover what you need to know about the training.

Things you want to know about the training

1. The first, and most important factor to your success, is the training you will receive. Most companies have a generic company level training program of some kind. It is aimed at the most common recruit, and not to you specifically. It also is designed toward that particular company and their particular products. This training is probably not transferrable to another company or opportunity. Before you enroll in any company's program, make sure the available training will help you become a successful Internet marketer in any endeavor.

2. You have to have direct access to someone who can solve your specific problems. It ISN'T crucial that you get in a program directly or nearly so under one of the top earners to get excellent training. Most of the time, it actually slows down your development. As one of potentially hundreds or thousands in his group, getting personal time is often a losing battle. Being enrolled under someone who is newer to the business, and who is dealing (or perhaps very recently has dealt) with the same questions as you, is often way more productive. They should be responsive to your questions and needs, and be willing to find out the answers to those questions which are new to them.

3. Before you join any program, find out whether or not there is more than one single, replicated company website available. If all you will have is the same thing that everyone else has, it will be nearly impossible to stand apart from the crowd. The training you get should include things like tips and strategies on how to get traffic to your site (besides the potentially expensive pay per click) as well as how to set up your own landing pages and capture pages.

4. "How to hold meetings in hotels," or "Your First Home Meeting" should not be a highlight of your training (unless, of course, your goal is to learn to become a great hotel meeting presenter.) Internet marketing should be what it says it is-- telling your story to millions on the Internet instead of the three who showed up for your hotel meeting.

Since you are one of millions searching for ways to make money on the Internet, I suggest you look at a business whose training is the best available. Big Ticket to Wealth's training is designed to help you become an Internet marketer. When you master what they teach, you will be successful marketing any product or plan you choose on the Internet.
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