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Jun 14, 2008
Printer ink is one of the most expensive things that you'll run into when you set up your home office. Printer ink is more expensive than oil or vintage champagne. Printer Ink is made up of mixture of pigments and condensed surfactants, biocide along with fungicide, buffering agent, humectants & resin, de-ionized stream of water (May vary depending on the type of Ink).

Cartridges contain electronics to communicate with the printer and the printer driver (the software that enables your computer and printer to communicate). Cartridges use a sponge to hold ink, by overfilling you wet the upper portion of the sponge causing the ink to want to flow upwards, away from the print nozzles. Cartridges made by (or for) the printer manufacturers are expensive.

HP is currently the dominant company in the printing market, and a considerable portion of the company's profits come from ink. The tactics employed by the printer manufacturers to maintain monopoly control over ink distribution for their printing products have become increasingly aggressive. According to Wilhelm Imaging Research and other reviewers, if you are primarily printing photos, select the OEM cartridge. However, printing at the maximum quality more than doubles the cost per print, so make sure to check your printer setting before starting that big print run..

You can save ink by selecting a lower-quality mode for printouts that are for 'internal' use only. When determining quality and value you must align your expectations accordingly.

Although third-party and aftermarket printer ink is often less expensive, the overwhelming majority of experts say that if quality and reliability matter most, you should stick with the printer manufacturer's recommended ink cartridges and ink.

Quality Comparison I have personally tested thousands of both brand new printer ink cartridges and refilled or remanufactured printer ink cartridges and without a doubt the originals, produced by the printer manufacturer, are better in print quality. However, printing at the maximum quality more than doubles the cost per print.

If you print mainly text pages, aftermarket printer ink is fine. Everyone knows that printer ink is a swindle: they sell you the printer cheaply (or not so cheaply for higher-end professional models),then sell the colors - unremarkable commodities, let us not forget - at prices that would make a perfumer blush.
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Printer ink is a subject Alan Wilson has a great involved in, having over 10 years involved in the manufacture of printer ink for many applications.
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