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Building your Opt-In List

Aug 17, 2007
Network marketing is a great way to bring in great revenue. Internet network marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn this revenue. Once you have your business up and running, how do you keep your visitors coming back? An opt-in list is once great option and list building is quick and easy once you know how to get started.

Opt-In lists are a network marketing tool that helps you keep in contact with your customers. You initially send them an email, or direct them to a web page, where they can choose to receive further communications from you. This type of list building allows the customer to have an active role in choosing to join your mailing list, ensuring that they don't feel they are being spammed.

To start your list building, you will have to initially get the contact information of potential, or current customers. There are several ways to do this. One popular way is to offer free or bonus items such as publications or other giveaways. This means a customer will give you their contact information to ship or email the item and when they do so, you can invite them to get further information from you.

Using your website a great way another great way to start list building. Using your website, you can prominently place a subscriber list where potential customers can sign up to get offers from you. Finally, pop up ads are another tool you can use on your website to assist in list building. They are always eye catching and can be set to allow people to enter their information right into the pop up.

Network marketing using email is another way to list build. When you send emails to your current clients and customers, ask them to spread the word by forwarding your emails or directing people to your website. Also, make sure a link to your website is in all the emails you send. For example, make sure your signature line mentions your business name and a link to your website. Make sure this link goes to your subscriber list sign-up option and you will do network marketing every time you email someone.

Network marketing is a great opportunity and with a great opt-in list, in can be a breeze. Following the above tips will give you quick and easy ways to focus on your list building and get the client base that you need.
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