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A Career Coach's job

Jun 14, 2008
As a kid you were probably asked what you wanted to be when you grew up. Do you remember what you always wanted to be? Nothing was out of reach then but as you grew you began putting limitations on yourself. You may even be putting limitations on yourself now as far as your job goes. It is a job to you, not a career. That is a shame that can be rectified. It is never too late to realize your ambitions and goals. A career coach can put you back on path to doing what you dream of doing.

A career coach is someone who can analyze your desires, strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which career field is just right for you. Your life information is given to him or her along with a list of goals that you would like to accomplish.

You have to take stock of your life and really look closely at areas that you want to improve. It then progresses into what you want out of life and finally how you will begin to achieve those goals. It is not the coach's responsibility to solve your problems for you, only you can do that.

Remember one thing before going any farther: it is not the coach's job to achieve your dreams for you. Through the coaching process, he or she is only there to help you accomplish them yourself.

A coach consultant should be able to help you look at your life with a fresh pair of eyes, and offer a success principle and some important life tips.

Once you have answered the basic questions about your life and your workplace you can begin to look at the areas you are strongest in and focus your energy there. Take for example a job that involves dealing with the public. Are you someone who makes friends easily and people have an easy time talking to you? You may want to consider something in the public eye as your chosen career path.

It is time to stop dwelling on the bad things that have happened in your life or the negative aspects of your life. Now is the time for positive thinking. Through a strong coaching relationship you will learn some effective techniques for dealing with any life issue. You need some revitalization in your life. A fresh way of thinking about things. A career coach can give you a new perspective on life and soon you will start to see new possibilities around every corner.
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