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Business Line of Credit Basics

Jun 14, 2008
A business credit line is a very used borrowing tool in the businesses arena. It works as a credit card in several different ways. For instance, it does not have a set length or established monthly payments; your monthly payment depends on how much you have borrowed. Also, the rate that is charged is a variable interest rate based on economic market indicators.

A business line of credit works by giving a business the chance to borrow a maximum amount of money whenever it needs to. When the business uses a credit line, the business only takes out funds as it has to.

It's the business manager's decision to take as much or as little money as it needs in a specific situation as long as the funds withdrawn are less than the credit available in the line of credit. In addition, many businesses choose a business line of credit as the borrowing tool of their choice because the business only pays interest in the used money.

Businesses can decide to take out money as frequently as it needs as long as there's enough balance available in the credit line. You can think of a line of credit as a pre-approved source of money waiting to be used when needed.

You can take money out of a business line of credit in one of two ways: you can write a check or you can withdraw cash. The minimum balance to pay every month is calculated by the interest on the balance. You can then pay all of the balance off, a portion of it or only the interest. By paying a portion, you can increase the available credit.

When applying for a business line of credit, you need to keep into account that there are two basic types of credit lines: secured and unsecured credit lines.

In a secured credit line, your business must have some collateral that will work "as payment" in case you default on the business credit line. In a secured credit line, the company's credit or the owner's credit is not as important.

If you decide to get an unsecured credit line, your business doesn't need any type of collateral to guarantee the funds from the business line of credit. If you choose this type of credit line, you or your business must have a strong credit history.

Usually, you'll get better conditions and a larger credit limit when you apply for a secured credit line. This is so because the bank takes a less significant risk when giving you the business line of credit.

If you are starting your business and don't have much collateral, you can choose to apply for an unsecured credit line. In this type of business credit lines, you should expect slightly higher rates and lower credit limits.
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