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You Need Money to Get Web Traffic. Huh?

Aug 17, 2007
It takes money to make money. That statement is pretty much a universal truth Here is another truth that applies to the internet. To make money from your website you must have a steady flow of website traffic. No visitors, no income. This has been the downfall of many internet businesses.

Now you might say it takes a steady flow of traffic and I need a fat bankroll to generate that TRAFFIC.

In technical language: Uh-uh.

Ever wonder how the big boys (and girls) drive traffic to their sites? Yes some of them are spending tons of money investing in advertising campaigns and different marketing schemes etc and it works for them. Nothing wrong with that, if you have the budget for it.

But many top marketers are taking different approaches; less expensive methods that are driving traffic to their sites and making them just as much money as the heavy spenders.

Money kind of tight?

Exchange Links

Once in a blue moon, you see a site where there is no link to another site. Many webmasters are willing to exchange links with so they can create more public awareness about their sites. By exchanging links, you will soon see and experience the sudden upsurge of the traffic coming to your site from other sites.

In exchanging links, your site should have the same niche or similar content as the other site. Your target audience needs to see a certain continuity in information and/or services between your website and your link partner.

Another benefit of link exchange is it increases your chances of getting a high ranking in search engine results. Search engines love sites with inbound and outbound theme-related links. A higher ranking means more traffic to your website without the high costs.

Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange services are the viewing of another site or page within a system. You submit your website then visit other member sites to earn credits. This increases the number of visitors to all the sites within the system. The more you view (also known as surf) the more traffic you get to your site.

Write and Submit Articles

This is my favorite. There are many newsletters, online encyclopedias and article directories on the internet which provide free space for articles to be submitted. There are also freelance writers willing to write for you for a small fee. Many are very good but save money and write the articles yourself.

Write articles that are related to the theme of your website. Write something that you have expertise on or a passion for so that when people read your article, they feel your knowledge and excitement about the subject and will be eager to visit your site..

Include a resource box at the end of your article that links to your site. Write a little about yourself and your site. An interesting article packed with quality information can keep people coming back to your site for months, sometimes years after you written it

Make a Newsletter.

This may sound like a lot of work but it is not. There are many writers and sites that are willing to provide free articles as long as they can get their name in on your newsletter. This will also provide free advertising for them as well.

As your newsletter gets pass around, you can widen your public awareness and build an opt-in list that can regularly visit your site.

Join Online Communities and Forums

This only requires your time and nothing else. You can share your knowledge and expertise with many online communities. You can get free advertising when you go to forums that have the same subject or niche as your site.

As you build your reputation, you also build the reputation of your site, making it a reputable and honest business that could be frequented and trusted by many people.

I will be the first to admit that having the duckies to invest will only help your business but don not let the fact that you maybe short on funds stop you. Use these very high powered resources on a consistent basis and you will not be low on traffic for long.
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