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Changing To A Home Based Career

Jun 15, 2008
At one point or another we all think, wouldn't it be nice to be my own boss and work at home. This dream to some of us is becoming a reality for many. To see if you can make this happen in your own like, consider the following.

Will you be willing to work at two jobs as you build you new business? The safest way to make the transition from a nine to five job to being an entrepreneur is to build your business part time, keeping your old job. If you leave your old job, the pressure to succeed quickly can cause the failure of many businesses that would have made it.

If you keep your old job you have money to support your family. You also can support the new business with added capital if needed. When your new company starts making money you can consider leaving your old career.

If this works, you will soon be making a good income from this part time business. This brings you to the next decision. When you leave your old job, do you start full time on your new career? Or, since you are making good money, do you stay part time, and have all that time now for family and fun.

If someone told you that you could make 100,000 a year working twenty hours a week, I assume you'd take the job. Wouldn't that make working at two careers for a while well worth it? I can't imagine anyone saying no to that.

So, what types of businesses can have rewards like this? No matter what type of business you think will work, you need to be comfortable with it. If you can find a field that is something you really love doing then this is the best.

Let's look at one or two types of businesses that might fit our needs. Network marketing (MLM) can be a good way to build a nice residual income. Selling products on the internet can be a great choice.

Network marketing has some nice benefits. You gain from the efforts of people you bring into the company. Additionally, residual income is created with the right program. This is a good business if you have good people skills.

This works because a network marketing company doesn't advertise. You, as a marketer, are paid for products sold by you and your team. If you build a good foundation this can generate residual income that can last for years.

If you don't feel you are a good face to face salesperson, selling online might be perfect for you. People will order from your website, and you will fill the orders. One of the most incredible things about selling online is the your store is open all day, every day.

If you really have the desire to be your own boss working at home, you have a good start. If you succeed you will be able to leave the 9 to 5 world. You should make more money, but if you make the same, working less hours and from home will make it very worthwhile.
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