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Improve the Usability of Your Website

Jun 15, 2008
If you are running a commercial website marketing plan, it is of absolute paramount importance that the website be properly designed. This is something most people understand clearly. A confusing or poorly designed website will not do wonders for making sales. Again, this is something most people understand. However, there is a single mindedness people have towards web design and it ties into web development marketing. That is, they assume that web design refers exclusively to the text and graphics of the site. This, however, is really only a partial analysis. In reality, the usability of the website is also critical for website marketing. Without a "usable" website the ability to convert visitors to paying customers may be impossible.

On a baseline level, the usability of a website refers to how easy it is for a visitor to navigate a site. Surely, a commercial website will have a number of different "areas" to it. These include contact sections, about us sections, product or service descriptions, etc. In order to arrive at these different sections, people need to click on the links that will lead them there. Of course, if they are unable to find those links then all your website development marketing will be for naught.

Why would people not be able to locate these links? There could be a number of reasons. The font for the links could be far to small to see; the color of the font is too similar to the background colors which makes them blend together; the links could be placed on a very inappropriate section of the website; and pretty much anything else that would be an aesthetically bad idea.

In reality, there are a number of ways one can sink the usability of a website. However, follow a little bit of simple website marketing and design common sense would circumvent these problems. A site should always be clear, concise and properly illustrated. The various links and sections to the inner pages of the site need to be properly marked. Text descriptions should be comprehensive but neither brief nor verbose. In short, proper composition and design skills should be employed. Improving the usability of a website does not require any special magic or plans. It really is a matter of crafting a coherent website. This is critical because poor usability of a site will undermine any web development marketing plans you may have.
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