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Using Internet Forums Effectively

Jun 15, 2008
Forum is one of the highly popular internet marketing strategies. It is a place where smart people share their ideas, give tips and suggestions on different topics.

But how effective is forum in internet marketing and driving traffic to your site?

There are actually different ways where in forum can help in marketing your website:

1. The basic thing you need to do is look for a forum or discussion board that is related to the theme of your website. In case you are looking for the latest software in web design, then you can look for a Web design topic.

2. Participating in internet forum can also build the popularity of you website online by sharing your suggestions or posting new thread.

3. In posting new topics, you should understand first the idea of the whole discussion board. In this way, you can think of where you can post your topic.

4. Once you already have a good understanding of the discussion board, then you can begin posting in your targeted marketing topic.

5. Forum allows signature posting wherein you can place a brief description about your website together with a link on it. In this way, it can help increase link popularity as you post new topics and contents.

6. Placing good keywords and contents in your posting. Popular keywords help to attract and drive traffic to your website.

Internet forum has a lot of benefits in marketing your website. It could be one of the safest environments to place your links; however you can be in a dangerous place if you disregard the following warnings:

1. Never make fun or Jokes on a Forum. Be serious and profound in posting your message. Keep in mind that forums are just like emails, the visitor can't see your gestures or expressions. The smiley and other emoticons can lift your message from serious to humorous to hilarious. And this might me misinterpreted by the reader. You can safely make a joke but be sure it is of relevance to the topic. Just avoid posting sarcastic messages.

2. Don't feel like an Internet Forum Drama Princess. The forum is not an appropriate stage to act your own drama effect. Don't feel like a star in the forum or else the other members will make fun of you. So, better be careful with your messages. Be kind and respect the opinion of other members.

3. Don't be a Forum Copy cat. Never post messages that have already been posted before. Have your own originality. Avoid also posting annoying messages such as "me too', and "I agree". It is very irritating to see those kinds of replies. So, be sure that you know what you're posting.

4. Don't Attack the Forum Administrator or Moderator. Usually, moderators removed messages that are not acceptable in the forum. Even before you sign up, you agreed that you will abide by the forum rules. And it is the right of the forum moderator to ensure that the forum is following the right standard. And so, no one has the right to attack or complain to the forum moderator. Keep in mind also that the messages you posted will be read by the public for years to come.

Indeed, forum is a very challenging internet marketing strategy. For those online entrepreneurs, be sure that you know and choose very well the forums before you get started. Goodluck!
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