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The Internet Cash Machine Dream

Jun 15, 2008
The one thing I have learned more than any other is that in order to make money on the Internet you need patience. People jump online all the time looking for easy ways to make money and in the end they give up. They give up because making money online is no different than making money offline: it takes work!

If you want to gamble online then maybe you can get instant gratification and money but with gambling comes big risk. For those of us that have set out on a less exciting but safer path of trying to figure out what opportunities the Internet holds, patience and hard work is what lies ahead.

The Internet is not a magic cash machine. The sooner you understand that the better off you are. There is so much hype and misinformation that many people believe it is just that. Internet marketers are constantly trying to hawk their schemes and ebooks to the unsuspecting beginners and in the end they are taken advantage of and quite frequently their wallets become lighter in the process.

Internet marketers will tell you anything you want to believe in order to make a sale. In general, the Internet is still relatively new and somewhat a mystery to many people. Marketers take advantage of this and through good salesmanship and copywriting, are very adept at fooling people into buying their worthless schemes.

A case can be made that everything on the Internet can be found somewhere for free. In other words, if someone is trying to sell you the next great money making system, chances are that it isn't that great and it can be found for free somewhere anyway. A new person inexperienced with the Internet may not know that, however, and they end up being an easy target.

All that being said, it is possible to make good money on the Intenet if you know how. This is not something that one can learn overnight, however, and it will take a tremendous amount of perseverance and learning. Many people find it too confusing and hard at the start and end up throwing in the towel. They find that it is just not as easy as they were led to believe. Interestingly though, for everyone who ends up quiting it seems there is someone right behind to take their place. The world is forever full of optimistic dreamers and that is a good thing!
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