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Tired of Living PayCheck to PayCheck?

Jun 15, 2008
Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck? This is was the question that grabbed my attention as I was driving through town running errands. As with most Americans, my paycheck did not outlast the month. Recently divorced and a single mom, a secondary source of income from a home based business was an idea I have been toying with. Therefore, this question smacked me in the face full force.

I was compelled to call the number posted beneath the question. That was the turning point of my life. I call it a divine appointment because my life has been financially blessed every since that day. On the other end of the phone line, I spoke to a very distinct and professional gentleman who discussed an incredible business opportunity which would allow me to save money and build a lifetime of residual income while working from the comfort of my own home.
This sounded too good to be true! Due to so many get rich schemes, I was truly skeptical, but open mined. After thoroughly researching the company, its products and my finances, I was impressed.

In my research I found that affordable healthcare continues to be a growing concern in America, as the price of everything continues to escalate. Working families with income that is barely above the poverty level find themselves in a position to be either underinsured or uninsured. Either situation is a financial tornado waiting to happen at the first physical illness, disease, or accident within the family. The elderly are also what I consider victims of the healthcare system. What most of them pay for prescriptions each month on a small fixed income is truly devastating.

Needless to say, finding relief from the high cost of medical insurance, prescriptions and doctor visits will bless any family's household finances. Most families don't know about the benefits of utilizing a discount medical plan. Most people never even heard of such program. This is not health insurance.

Discount medical plans are programs that entitle its members to discounts on certain medical services and prescriptions. There is a small fee paid each month that covers everyone in the household. The membership fee is small compared to the benefits and savings for having such a plan.

The May 2008 issue of Parents magazine featured 25 Ways to Save Money on Health Care. Number sixteen on this well planned list advised parents to Join a Discount Club. These discount medical plans are proving to have an enormous impact on providing financial relief to families in this negative market.

After researching this product, I had developed a strong interest in for my own personal needs as my family was in need of additional medical coverage. Beyond the product I was impressed with this company for the following reasons; first, the company was not trying to get a ton of money from me to start my own business. Believe me, that one is the kicker for most home based businesses and network marketing. I have done my research. That has been my major draw back.

Secondly, with this opportunity I was not expected to stack my house with a million boxes in an attempt to sell a product to earn extra cash. These were two significant things for me!

Next, the company had something meaningful to offer consumers. With this, I decided to become an independent business owner through this company. This was a decision I am truly satisfied with making.

Unfamiliar with network marketing, I did not have any preconceived ideas about this adventure. I was willing to be open minded, learn and share. Incredibly, I had a check in my mailbox with in the first eighteen days of joining this company; already I was generating income. The checks continue to flow.

I have taken the proper steps needed to become financially independent and begin to build wealth. I am completely satisfied with my decision to step out on faith and try something different.
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V.Naomi Richardson offers likeminded self driven individuals the opportunity to become financially independent through the consumer driven healthcare industry. Explore how you can take advantage of this growing industry.
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