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The One Personality Trait Every Successful Marketer Must Posses

Jun 15, 2008
Seems like everyone wants to be an internet marketer these days. I don't know if it's the realization that money can be made online or if it's human nature shifting away from the typical 40 hour work week that pushes people to make an attempt at online marketing. Whatever the cause, people are joining the online marketing world in record numbers these days and they're all hoping to make their fortune online. However, 99% of them will utterly fail and will return to their day job within a few short months.

The one individual that succeeds will do so by leaps and bounds. He or she will make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year as an online marketer, perhaps millions.

While I would love to say there is a formula for success that everyone can follow, there isn't. The successful marketers each make it by creating their own path to success. They develop their own strategies through trial and error. Eventually, the successful marketers focus only on their profitable techniques. They repeat them over and over again until they develop a steady stream of income.

Despite the fact that there is no blueprint for success, there is one critical ingredient that every marketer has. Man or women, adult or teenager, every successful marketer has this trait.

The most important ingredient for online success is probably not what you think it is. It's not computer literacy. It's not typing skills or writing ability. And it's certainly not related to whether or not you can design a web page. Although any one of those skills will certainly help you along your way, they are not the critical ingredient needed for success. The single most important factor for becoming a success online can be summed up in one word: persistence. Like all things in life, the person who does not give up is practically guaranteed success.

When you first begin internet marketing, you are going to be soaking up information at an exponential rate. Most of what you learn will be good information, while some of it will be misleading or downright wrong. Unfortunately, as a beginner in the internet marketing game, you will not be able to determine what is good information and what is bad information. You can only learn by experimenting with each technique or strategy.

You must take excellent notes from the very beginning. To this day, I still have detailed notes from my early days of marketing. Believe it or not, I often review those notes and use them to help my current marketing campaigns.

Most likely you are going to fail repeatedly during the early stages of your internet marketing career. You will try one idea after another without results. You will invest money into new websites, into pay-per-click campaigns, and perhaps into off line marketing campaigns. You may even buy a so-called
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