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An Ordinary Day in the Life of an Affiliate Marketer

Aug 17, 2007
The internet has made it so much easier when it comes to being a member in the business of affiliate marketing. In fact, when compared to times when others had to use only the telephone to get their hands on updates and other such information, today's methods are so much more easier and effective.

Now, thinking of this technology and that an affiliate marketer has the ability to work directly from home, a day in their lives may go a little something like this.

Ok, so I woke up this morning, at my breakfast, and went straight to work. First thing first, right, I turned on my computer to see just what the latest happenings are, in regards to any statistics and updates that of course I must keep track of regularly to keep my business running smoothly.

My website just is not cutting the mustard here, so I think today I am going to revise it. As you and I both know, if the website is not well-designed, I can never expect for my visitors to sign up for my service. So that is something I need to do in order to raise my rates of conversion.

Just a few tweaks here and there, ok I am done, on to the next task. Ok, I want to attract more people to join my affiliate program, so I need to promote it, and submit to directories. This will ensure that people are seeing my listings and could even increase my traffic.

Ok, bear with me here, now is the time in my day when I take a close and careful look at all sales I am currently getting from my affiliates. This takes a good amount of time because I must be both accurate and objective about it. This means tracking down orders via email and telephone. Check on any new clients that may be looking into my products and writing down the contact information they provided for later use.

Now onto my resources. You see I have an abundance of sample recommendations, button ads, banner ads, and advertisements I need to hand out. This helps me land more sales, which of course is important in my line of work, not to mention that is keeps my business accessible and visible at the same time.

Oh wait, I almost forgot, how silly of me. A few visitors sent me emails asking some questions about my products, so I must answer these write away. If I fail to answer them quickly or not at all, I could lose a potential customer really fast. I always have to remember that I must put customers and potential customers first. Of course, some are patient, but most want answers the minute the send them, so it is important that I show them just how professional I am and respond right away.

I forgot to mention that I logged onto my saved chat room at the beginning of the morning, see how hectic the life of an affiliate marketer can be. The chat room keeps in touch with other affiliates just like me, which use the same type of affiliate program I use. This is a great way to share ideas and testimonies about product promotion. Now, I have been an affiliate marketer for a long time, years really. However, I am always learning new things from other affiliate marketers. Furthermore, this chat room does wonders, because you never know who is listening it and may become interested, which means referrals!

Today is Friday and on Monday, I updated my ezine and newsletter, therefore, I need to look into the latest news on the market today. This way when the next publication comes out, this will be the topic of interest.

Newsletters and ezines are extremely important to my business. This is how I introduce all my latest products and services. I offer my customers sales and promotions that they may be interested in. Of course, I have a deadline I must meet, so this is a consistent process as well.

Now for those who help me along the way with my sales and promotions, I usually make mention of the person, their website, and just what they have done to fit the pieces of this puzzle together.

Now I have to write out some recommendations because I have had request from some people wanting sources that are credible for these products. I should also make a quick visit to a few websites and forums that have people just coming apart at the seams wanting to get into the world of affiliate marketing. Just a few comments here and there on how to become a successful affiliate. This does three specific things for my business, first I get to help others who are interested, second I get to promote my products, and third I may just get a referral. It works all the way around.

Oh my, look at the time, I missed lunch and dinner. Oh well, it is time for bed now.

It may not be all done in one day. However, you have the general idea of just what it is like to be a dedicated affiliate marketer for one day.
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