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Latino Marketing for Cosmetic Procedures and What Physicians Need to Know

Jun 16, 2008
A comprehensive campaign for Latino marketing for cosmetic procedures is much more than just "press two for Spanish" on the dial in office phone. Im amazed at the number of physicians who simply state this along with answers such as we have a Spanish speaking receptionist or our nurses know basic Spanish.

What's needed is a message that creates an emotional attachment; a bond that the Latino and Hispanic community can connect to. Stop and think of the prices for today's cosmetic procedures and what it takes to win that customer. Would anyone conceivably spend thousands of dollars with a doctor they do not feel comfortable with or have no social connection with? Absolutely not.

If you are a physician, consider these compelling statistics if you have not considered a campaign for Latino marketing for cosmetic surgery procedures. The following facts and figures should help you say YES:
U.S. Hispanic purchasing power is at nearly $700 billion and is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2007.(1)

There are more Hispanics living in the United States, than the entire population of Canada, which is 32.5 million. (2)

Hispanic advertising by U.S. companies grew 24 percent in 2003, compared with 8.6 percent for the general market.(3)

By mid-century, one out of every four people in the United States will be Hispanic. The African American population by mid-century will remain at the current rate of 13 percent of the total United States population. (2)

An IRS report predicts that 1 out of every 10 small businesses will be Hispanic by the year 2007. Today the proportion stands at 1 in 13 and rising. (4)

With that said, highly specialized physicians, such as cosmetic and plastic surgeons, need to create a marketing campaign that effectively covers the following for effective Latino marketing for cosmetic procedures:

Creating effective and compelling web copy that is not only written in Spanish, but slanted in a writing style and vernacular which appeals to the Latino and Hispanic community.

Developing a sense of cultural awareness by recognizing, honoring, and celebrating important Latino and Hispanic cultural and social events.

Making your web site look and feel important to the Latino and Hispanic end user, instead of it being uninviting, cold and disjointed.

I say this because many physicians that embark on a campaign for Latino marketing for cosmetic procedures actually end up offending or patronizing the end user as the message becomes almost fake or not genuine. People can read between the lines, so physicians need to be genuine with their approach and message.

Developing an interactive Spanish forum and blog on your web site that lets Latino and Hispanic clients interact with each other, share their thoughts, concerns, surgery expectations, experiences, and almost anything else they choose to speak or comment on.

Remember, simply having a few phrases or paragraphs on your Web site in Spanish, or promoting your practice by having Spanish speaking employees is not enough. Latino marketing for cosmetic surgery procedures will require an in-depth customized marketing campaign that will effectively reach out to the Latino and Hispanic culture, their language, and their emotions.
1.Hispanic Purchasing Power: Projections to 2015. HispanTelligence. May 2008.
2.See Hispanics in the U.S.: Breaking down the numbers. June 9, 2005.
3.Figures courtesy Media Economics Group; a research firm that tracks Spanish-language marketing.
4. See Hispanic Trends.
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