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Are You Receiving Your Mail?

Jun 16, 2008
People that honestly work their business on Internet, understand that ISPs have to filter e-mail that we send to our clients. Spam is overwhelming all of us, and we need to be protected by ISPs.

But anti-spam software is complex, and will only get more so. So they make many mistakes that they call: "false-positives".

We understand that due to the volume of spam mail, to suffer some false-positives is inevitable, and that ISPs will occasionally delete a bona fide e-mail that we send to a client.

But we are not willing to be blamed, stonewalled, and abused, and this is what is happening today: Some ISPs and mail services do not accept to whitelist e-mail that their customers specifically say they want to receive.

Some filtering providers do not accept to give explanations to the honest businessmen, about why their legitimate e-mail is being filtered. These two problems are hurting badly the small businesses!

These ISPs hide behind the legalese of being a private network that has no obligation to deliver the mail, and this is unacceptable.

You are the only one who should decide what e-mail you want to receive and what e-mail YOU are going to send to the trash.

But as long as this keeps happening you need to protect yourself, and that's why I highly recommend you to educate your customers and activate them to switch to to good, responsible ISPs and mail services, that do enable whitelisting.

If you want to make sure that you are going to be able to communicate with your customers, you may read, copy and use what you need from the web page that I use to welcome my Affiliate's program subscribers

About the second problem, the filtering services who won't give you a reason why they block our honest e-mail, they are damaging our businesses, because we can't fix what we don't know is broken.

We do not allow spamming in any way but we as you, need to be sure that our honest mail is reaching it's destiny.

So we must educate and activate our customers to complain directly to the large filtering providers, and we must complain ourselves Read here how to do it

These measures will reduce your individual pain due to the needless, irresponsible loss of mail that is not your fault. But we need to protect our business against the side effects of those who claim to fight spam (but hurt us needlessly).

So please educate, activate your customers and help to "spread the message." The small business people have no voice individually, so we have no stake at the table, and that must change.

If enough marketers take a common action, then abuse and neglect from the unconscientious ISPs, mail services and filtering providers will disappear.

The future of your online small business depends on how you use the information in this site.

Stand up and be counted. Spread the word!
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Author of THE SECRET of The Magic Lamp and it's 42 Self Help CD with Subliminal Messages, that can be found at http://www.drbonomi.com and also author of The Easy Home Business Web Site at http://emailmarketing.easy-home-business.com
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