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The Key To Success In Life And Business

Jun 16, 2008
Allow me to hand you the key to the vault of success

Implementation far outweighs any other single characteristic, read this with caution...

Friends, I am thrilled that you have made it to the second installment of this mind altering course, but allow me to warn you that today's subject may ruffle a few feathers, and leave you saying, "That Jon guy sure is a jerk, he obviously doesn't understand my situation." So before I begin with you today, you have to give me your permission to speak frankly, honestly, and maybe use some coarse language that may offend some. So as long as you keep reading this, you agree that you're not a minor, and aren't offended by brutal honesty.

Phew, now that I got the warning out of the way, let's get to it. Most MLM'ers I meet are the most amazing people alive, but they're always talking about how they're about to do, and I think I know why they shy away from reality...they don't implement. Let me explain. I love the MLM world because overall it is a world committed to being the best that you can be, improving yourself, your skills, and sharpening your mind. It is a world committed to time freedom, values, and building a business that supports them. But it is also a world where people love talking about all the wonderful things it offers, but few ever implement those ideas.

"The difference between MLM millionaires and MLM junkies is simply the difference in the time period between idea and implementation."

Did you just get that? Good, I thought you did. How many people within your opportunity have talked about writing out their affirmations and reading them aloud daily, and then next time you speak with them they are reading another book and have decided to put their goals on their blackberry and email them to an accountability partner, and then next time you speak with them they have now decided to simply not write goals because they don't like writing and they are simplifying their life to only do what they love. Get the picture?

It is someone that is suffering from idea-itis or perhaps a viral case of opportunity-itis. They get great at the idea phase, but distraction, life, circumstance and other "dog ate my homework" excuses keep them from implementation. Can I share with you a powerful quote that I often say aloud when I am working on taking action after a great idea? Great, here it is:

"Jon, don't remember the last time you heard this information, remember the last time you implemented it with absolute commitment and pig-headed discipline."

That is a quote from one of my good friends, Chet Holmes, the premier consultant to the Fortune 500. I share that with you because even I can get caught up in idea mode and forget to implement. In some extreme cases you see people never ever reach implementation and then it is the system or the company or the product that failed them. That is like me saying, "My home gym didn't work at all and I didn't lose any weight. The box came, I didn't open it, and I didn't work out on it, but I am now heavier so the gym didn't work." Do you see how silly that sounds?

Let's talk for a moment about a real life, in your face, example of the power of a reckless commitment to implementation. The idea of being an implementing maniac is so powerful that even if you are doing some strategies that aren't good, or are possible downright poor approaches, with implementation as the focus you can still win.

I once knew a woman who came to the United States from Iran. She had a very difficult time finding a job because of her English skills and the lack of working experience until she was introduced to the world of Network Marketing/MLM. She was totally inspired by an opportunity that didn't care where she was from, what her skills were, and that it didn't matter if her English was perfect. Filled with the spirit of the American Dream she took off on an absolute quest to succeed and literally spent over 8 hours each and every day, and sometimes more than 8 hours on weekends dialing everyone in the phone book.

Friend, can you imagine telemarketing to the phonebook, and doing so for eight hours? Neither can I, and it pains me to even think about such a marketing approach with no systems and no positioning involved. So do we all agree that such an approach isn't even a good system? Good, I knew you'd all agree that nobody thinks it's a good way to grow a business. But guess what, with her iron fisted willpower and unfailing willingness to implement, she was able to build a downline of thousands and a 5 figure monthly check in less than 6 months.

So the learning here is that even with tactics that shouldn't be used, when implemented with focus, you can arrive at success, so imagine the results of implementing powerful strategies and systems the sky is the limit!

So today I want you to burn in your head and for the remainder of these lessons the value of implementing, implementing, implementing. I don't want you to tell me the last time that you heard this information, I want you to remember the last time that you applied it with reckless abandon, and pig-headed discipline. Many of the ideas to come will be so unique that they will blow your mind and change the way you view MLM forever, some you may have heard, but it doesn't matter, because I am here to make sure that you implement them.

I have committed to help you change your MLM business in profound and profitable ways, but without your commitment to implement what we discuss, I can't do anything for you. I don't want to hear excuses, or reasons for why you are where you are, because frankly I DON'T CARE WHY YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE, I want to know where you want to go and that you have an iron will to implement what is necessary to get there.

I know that if you begin to focus on implementation, you'll be able to take your business to levels that you have yet to imagine, your bank account will be bursting, and your friends and loved ones will wonder if you're up to something illegal, I know because that is how mine reacted.

I sure hope you're excited to continue on, and that you've made the commitment to implement like a madman/madwoman, and truly grab this MLM opportunity by the horns and make it work for you, let's do it together!
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