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Secret Affiliate Code Review - What is the Secret and Should You Download It?

Jun 16, 2008
If you have ever watched a big internet marketing launch you will have noticed that every time a new product comes out, multiple affiliates will attempt to dominate the search engines for terms related to the product and it's author. Often, you will find the first 3,4 or even 5 or more results pages littered with listings which all lead back to the websites of different affiliates.

Why would they do this?

These affiliates all know that with the hype of a huge launch, and the frenzy of emails sent by multiple marketers, people will often go to the search engine for more information regarding the product. By targeting specific terms, these affiliates hope to capitalise on the large amounts of free, (and more importantly targeted) traffic and drive them to their own sites and/or affiliate links.

There are many different ways you can create content to dominate the search engines, but Craig Beckta is one man who is very proficient at this type of practice.

With two recent high ticket launches (both for a $2,000 product) Craig was able to capture top 10 rankings in Google for related terms. The people searching on Google were all interested in the particular products and as a result of finding relevant information on his page, many then went on to purchase ... through his affiliate link. This meant that he had earned the commission (typcially 50% or so of the $2,000 sales price).

Using these methods (which don't require any financial expense) Craig was able to generate $6484 worth of sales in just one week for one particular product. While others were paying $5-10 for click using Google Adwords and hoping to make enough sales to cover their expenses, Craig sat back as all his traffic came in for free.

While this may sound impossible, it's actually quite simple if you follow a specific formula. I would personally recommend that you stay away from spending large amounts of money on pay per click when large launches come around. The problem is that everyone is fighting to be at the #1 paid spot which results in people pushing the bids to ridiculous levels.

In the secret affiliate code, Craig divulges the exact methods behind his success and details a step by step plan that is designed for anyone, of any experience level to be able to follow. Instead of spending time on methods that don't work (and don't pay), it's possible to focus on the methods that have shown to produce reliable and repeatable results. With new products being launched seemingly everyday, particularly in the internet marketing niche, this method provides a secure way to make money as an affiliate without having to have a large advertising budget. In fact, once you use the techniques to gain good positions in the search engines then you can leverage the efforts of every other marketer who is promoting the same product.

As they all email their lists, the interested prospects will inevitably go to Google for more information and that's when they stumble across your pages peppered throughout the search engine listings.
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