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Killer Confidence, Your Secret Weapon

Jun 16, 2008
We've all seen it, and unfortunately it is quite sad to watch. Someone that decides to prospect a would be recruit, and they stammer through a bad presentation, and then almost look for a pity sale at the end. This is so painful because it is completely avoidable.

Unfortunately many people are attracted to network marketing because it has such a low barrier to entry, no education requirements, and very little financial commitment. However this beautiful side of the business also sets people up for failure by not having a qualification process of who should and shouldn't be in business.

Often this is why people that lack confidence end up in network marketing, and don't end up doing well. I am sure that all of you readers aren't interested in following someone that isn't quite sure of themselves, I know I wouldn't. So if you plan on developing a large group and a larger income, you must have the confidence necessary to lead people.

It has been said that when people sit down to negotiate, he who has the most confidence will win. I believe this to be true without question. Do you have the confidence to ask for the sign-up, and then sit quietly while someone makes up their mind?

Let's start with how you can begin to develop confidence immediately. Affirmations are the fastest way to garner the confidence you need. I want you to write down ten qualities that you want to embody, and write them in "I am" language. Then comes the hard part, I want you to read them aloud, and with authority three times daily.

In addition, pay very close attention to the language you use when talking with yourself. Understand that our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between truthful and ficticious language, therefore you can choose to influence it any way you want. However many people spend so much time feeding it negative thoughts, it simply never gets into positive mode. Imagine the power of having a positive and motivating soundtrack playing in your head 24-7, you'd be unstoppable.

So as you talk to yourself, pump yourself up. Sure you'll feel silly at first, and perhaps even crack a smile and laugh, but I promise that you'll never be the same. Next time you feel like getting down on yourself, take a few minutes and affirm what you're great at, good at, or simply want to get good at; it works, trust me.

Gaining confidence isn't easy, but it is simple, and by retraining your mind to embody what you want rather than dwelling on what you don't is key. By utilizing these affirmations you will certainly be on you way to becoming a confident communicator.
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