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You Know More Than You Think You Do

Jun 16, 2008
It's becoming increasingly clear to me as the years pass by that I actually know more than I did let's say twenty or thirty years ago. Now most of you may be saying right now , yes you should know more than you did twenty or thirty years ago and I would agree with you 100%. But how many of us when we say that about ourselves actually believe it.

I came to this realization when I started teaching Bartending at a local college that I actually know more than most in my chosen field. The students I was teaching were approximately the same age as I was when I was a student learning the Bartending trade. The difference was now I was responding to questions that I thought everybody should know the answer to. Then I realized I was the teacher and when I was in their shoes I probably did not know the answer 30 years ago either. That is when I realized that I truly did know more than I thought I did.

During the past 30 years I learned a lot from people who had far more experience and knowledge than I possessed and through some trial and error as well got to where I am right now in my life. But it wasn't until I started teaching others what I had learned I came to this realization.

Now you may not feel you need to teach someone else what you know is important but if you are good at something why not teach it to others. It may not have to be a school environment , it could be any setting you choose it to be. The need for mentorship , apprenticeship training , people with your experience in your field are needed to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

There are teachers out there who have less practical experience teaching their subject than I am sure some of you reading this article have. I do not have a university education but I do have experience so it did count for something when I obtained the Bartending teaching position. By working full time in the restaurant business , teaching Bartending 1-2 nights a week gives the student not only the practical side of learning to make a drink but I can also relate to them what it is like working as late as last night on my shift in a restaurant. How much closer to the action can you get than that!

As far as the fear of speaking in front of others , talking of what you know is easier than you would imagine. Just be organized and let the class participate in the learning process rather than feel you have to talk for 3 hours. Encourage interaction and lots of questions. You have your own story that other people need to hear. Ask the student what they want out of the course you are offering.
Tell them of the money to be made or the travel involved. Highlight the positives of it because if they see you are still doing it , it's believable. You can inspire , and open that door for someone that was up until they met you was previously shut.

You can look for an opportunity to teach others what you have learned over the years by looking at your local newspaper for openings, colleges are always interested in ideas for continuing education classes be it a whole semester or a full day course. Even advertise yourself and what you can offer. Not only is it fun but it provides an additional income as well. Most important of all though is by sharing your expertise you can make a difference in a person's life and fulfill your own in the process.

You truly know more than you think you do. It is just time to believe it and start sharing it with others.
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