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Secrets To Using Your Wardrobe As A Weapon

Jun 16, 2008
Have you ever seen someone on stage, and before they even open their mouth, you're just not sure you want to listen. I know that I have, and oftentimes it is due to the fact that they aren't dressed properly. Notice I didn't say under-dressed, as sometimes being casual is completely appropriate. What I mean is that they aren't matching their wardrobe to the message they are trying to convey.

Please don't mistake what I am saying, I am not a proponent of suits and ties at all times by any stretch of the imagination. I am purely stating that the clothing you choose says as much about your opportunity as the presentation you give. Let's look at some examples.

If I am going to meet a prospect in hopes of selling them on an opportunity that promises more money and more free time, I want my wardrobe to exude both of those qualities. I would ensure that my style was what I like to call "relaxed affluent". Picture nicely tailored slacks, a Tommy Bahamma shirt, and a stylish watch and sunglasses. If your budget permits, an expensive watch also sends a clear message. This look should be straight out of the pages of a Maui advertisement.

Or if I am going to meet a prospect that is also in their 20's, I would still use the "relaxed affluent" look, however it would morph into stylish jeans and some type of over-priced t-shirt. Thus communicating the same message that I have the money to buy whatever I want, and the flexibility to remain casual during the work day.

Now as to the appropriate times for a suit and tie, this depends yet again on the market you are looking to reach. If you're prospecting doctors, lawyers, or other such professionals that won't listen if you aren't in a suit, then that is the time to put one on. The main rule of thumb is that you always want to look like you have more money than the person you're prospecting, otherwise you're sunk.

No matter what look you decide to employ, above all else wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. This confidence will certainly radiate through, and everyone likes someone with confidence. Pick outfits that garner compliments and outfits that when you catch yourself in the mirror, your first thought is, "I look good".

Remember, you never have a second chance at that first impression, and people often make their decision to listen to you within 4 seconds. If you harness the power of the wardrobe, I am certain you'll love the results.
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