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Features and Benefits of Anti Spam Services

Aug 17, 2007
Spam is term as any unwanted email that is coming to your mailbox. These spam mails can be dangerous because some may even contain viruses which can ruin your computer system. Some may even try to steal your password and personal information such as credit card number.

Spam has been one of the common problems of internet users. When you go online and check your mail, the chances of having an email which came from unfamiliar email address is very high.

So what you will usually do is to delete the email. However, what if it is not just one spam email but there are a lot of them. Deleting these mails can be very tedious and this is where anti spam services come in.

Anti spam services are tools that will help you reduce or even eliminate any unwanted email from your mailbox. Most internet service provider will offer anti spam services which allow you to filter the email you receive. One of its features is allowing you to have an approved list of email or domain addresses that you would like to receive email from.

Thus, those you don't know will not be able to send an email to you. Then, you can even block certain email or domain addresses. This is helpful if you have already recognized the addresses of spammers.

Another option that you can have on an anti spam service is filtering email according to its subject and content. This means that you can block email that contains specific word or phrases.

Another feature is the ability to filter email based on the language used by the sender. This is beneficial for those that only expect email from a specific language.

Some anti spam services will give you preset filters (e.g. low, medium and high). The system will automatically detect which email is considered spam. This is great for beginners because of its simplicity. You do not need to select a lot of option. However, the risk with this one is that some legitimate email may be branded as spam.

So you may be expecting an email from a friend but your anti spam software may have deleted it because of the settings you have for your filters. For businessman, this process is not recommended.

Most anti spam services usually have the basic features that you need to stop unwanted mails. However, if you would like to have smarter software, you may need to purchase or buy an anti spam software.

You may make a research on the internet as to which software will best suit your internet needs. Make a comparison of anti softwares so you can easily decide which one is appropriate for you.

Anti spam services will add more protection to your online life. It helps in reducing the risk of having a full mailbox at all times and protects you from computer viruses.

Great features and benefits can be fully enjoyed if you continue to update yourself about this spam. It will then allow you to take precautionary measures to minimize the problems that are brought about by spam.
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