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Want A Life Coaching Job? - How To Find Life Coaching Jobs

Jun 16, 2008
The recent surge of people into personal development has also created many people with an interest in getting into a life coaching career. But, how do you get into a life coaching job? Unfortunately it will be unlikely to find life coaching jobs advertised. However, in this article we will take a look at how you can get a life coaching job.

Life coaching masters like Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, and Bob Proctor are life coaches we have all heard of. The way they deliver there subject, they create the many success stories in the world. However, as personal development becomes in more demand by people, more life coaches are necessary to meet the demand. Naturally more people will want to rise to the occasion.

Though the top personal development coaches have a gathering of tens of thousands of people, a life coaching job does not have to be so elaborate. You can coach a handful of people, and will never need to have to coach to thousands at a time, though there is a great buzz and delight with doing so.

Finding a life coaching job however is not going to be as easy as finding a position at McDonald's! The reason is that most life coaching practices are one man bands or at least have one predominant coach. Finding a position then can be difficult.

The key to getting a life coaching job is to promote yourself as the life coach. However, to do this really brings a lot of dilemmas and also opportunities for growth, and that is - starting your own life coaching practice and creating your own life coaching job!

Starting your own life coaching business however does have its problems. The problem of if you know enough about business. Though we may think that most life coaches are good at business, there are some who are not good at business. In fact one of the biggest life coaches testifies his lack of business skill and knowledge. So, how can he be in a job and still have a following of tens of thousands?

It happens in partnering! Becoming a life coach can be a great thing to do, and gives so much fulfillment, however, if you find that you have to deal with the business aspect, you might find you can't shine as much as if you were to dedicate wholly to life coaching. Finding a partner who is good at business can be a God send. It means you can focus wholly on being a life coach.

The choice you make will depend on your needs, resources, and abilities. Certainly running a business can be difficult. However, for me I have found that by going through those trials in business, I have found lessons which benefit others. However, not all people who have gone through that route have succeeded. It is one which you will need to consider before starting.
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