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A Review of the Viral Inviter Website Promotion Tool

Jun 16, 2008
If you are trying to reach a large audience through your website or blog, then a viral marketing tool is the key to your success. There are various form of address importers available through the web. The most popular are the ones used on social sites, such as Facebook.

While the members think that they are simply sharing the word of their discovery, they are actually bringing all of their friends to the site, which increases the site revenue. Even if your website is not a social network, you can use the viral inviter program to increase the traffic of your site.

The viral inviter works by allowing your visitors to import their addresses so that they can refer other people to your site. Since the viral marketing programs are customizable, you can design it to work in various ways, depending on the type of site that you have. All of the referred email addresses that you receive, can be sent an invitation to view a specific url from your site.

You might find that the actual homepage url will be successful for you, or you can send a link within your webpage.

Incentives are the most successful way to get referrals and to bring in more revenue with the viral inviter. Many users will offer their visitors an entry into a specific contest depending on how many email addresses they refer.

Another option is to include a link to a special sale or contest within the invitation email. Any email that contains information about a contest or sale is very hard to delete without viewing first. Even if the person does not view your site again, you will still gain traffic revenue from the user viewing the sale page one time.

Spam is a difficult issue that is affecting almost all Internet users today. Your visitors might be worried about their friends receiving spam from you, and you could also be a target if it is an untrustworthy visitor. While it is important that you have a viral marketing program that has enough spaces for more than 5 email addresses.

Your visitors should be limited to importing email addresses as long as they are in their address books. This will save your from being a target for spam. You are in charge of the invitations that are sent out, as well as the quality of the traffic you receive.
With the Viral Inviter program, over 53,861 Internet visitors have been reached.

According to other reviews, within the first week of the program's launch, there were 985 signups, with an average of an additional 53 people visiting their homepage. As of right now, the site has 15,000 users and 75,000 visits that were accumulated because of the viral inviter program. According to the review, the company had to set up a separate email server to send out viral invite emails.

When you design and launch a website, you are literally starting from scratch. Not only are having to decide which colors and font to use on the page, but then you start to worry if you will receive any visitors at all. A viral marketing strategy is the best way to receive traffic quickly and effortlessly. All of your referrals can be sent the same email so that you can work more on your website and let the viral invitation program work for you.
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