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The Low Hanging Fruit- Go After It! An Underused Piece Of Advice

Jun 16, 2008
I was struggling with my online business. I had built up a decent list, I had lots of people reading my newsletter yet I couldn't seem to make a sale.

Why? Because I was teaching my list about information marketing and then trying to sell products like Ideas 4 Halloween (an eBook on great Halloween ideas). Sure it was a great product, if my list was people interested in Halloween information.

That's when my good friend, Alex Mandossian, gave me a great piece of advice.

This is how it went down

I was talking to him about the struggle that I was having up to that point of getting my ideas from concept to cash. That's the essence of what we're all trying to do. The faster you do that, the more products you get up, and the more momentum you build.

Actually, I just wrote about this in my recent newsletter because if used correctly momemtum can be a very powerful thing in your business.

An excellent example of using momentum to create success in their business is Alex Mandossian. He has been able to build up his business tremendously over the years and is now one of the leaders in the information marketing industry. By doing the right thing over and over again Alex can't help but be successful because of the momentum it builds up. High level marketers do this by taking their concepts to cash as quickly as possible.

During the conversation with Alex about having difficulty getting my ideas from concept to cash, he said, "Stu, stop what you're doing right now. Go after the low hanging fruit."

Low hanging fruit - Make a note of that.

Sometimes it takes that outside perspective to really open your eyes to what your low hanging fruit is. This is the value that a good likeminded support group brings.

For me, I was trying to, and still am trying, to work on this huge project. It's a very risky, big project. The problem with it is that it is taking so much out of me, financially, physically and mentally. It is really draining my time and effort.

This project just gets me irritated, frustrated because of how much it is draining me, so I don't make any progress.

"Go after your low hanging fruit" is what Alex continued to tell me.

Alex was able to teach me what my low hanging fruit was. By teaching me this simple, yet very powerful piece of advice I was able to generate revenue of over $111,000 in just over eight weeks.

You may be wondering, what was my low hanging fruit?

My very own seminar, the "Idea Incubator!" It is here where we teach the attendees how to turn their ideas from concept to cash as quickly as possible.

I had been teaching the material at John Childers' trainings for over a year and many people would ask, "Stu, when are you going to put on your own event?" People were drawn to the information I was presenting and I had been able to build up a costomer base.

The moment I offered what people were asking for the results were amazing! My own event was my piece of low hanging fruit.

Now I want everyone reading this article to stop for a second to think about what your low hanging fruit is. What is it that you are really good at? What are you being constantly asked to do or provide for your customer base?

Your low hanging fruit have just probably been overlooked in the past, I bet you've found several pieces already.

Take my advice, I've learnt from my mistakes - Find your low hanging fruit and you'll be able to go from concept to cash much more quickly!

When your stuck for an idea, may the light bulb go off!
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