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A Very Inexpensive and Effective Way to Advertise

Jun 16, 2008
You are probably reading this article because the headline caught your attention. Many online business owners are taking the time to write articles for publication on the web. Do you realize that publishing articles on the internet can tremendously help your online advertising effort?

Simply stated, many webmasters of ezine publications are looking for good articles on various topics of interest for their publications, why not get the additional exposure for your own online enterprise?

What you want to do is write something of interest to you that makes you the expert on the topic. Upon completion of your article you could take the long route and personally submit to the various publications yourself.

This would save you money but would take a tremendous amount of time and effort. Or as a viable alternative you could submit your article to an Article Marketer for publication and distribution. This way your article will be pre-approved for publication and distributed to potentially thousands of prospects for reading.

Usually you are not permitted to toot your horn so to speak in the body of the topic however, there is generally an acceptable place for your advertising or link to your site at the bottom of the page in a separate section.

Search engines like the fact that you are out there with something of substance linking back to your website. The search engines judge your sites for placement on how many sites are actually linked back to yours. So you can see how this can work in your favor.

This type of advertising over time can prove to be quite beneficial and very inexpensive for increasing sales for your online business.

For all the people who read your article from the directory, there are some additional benefits for them. You will be getting in touch with them because they got in touch with you by reading your article of interest to them.

Naturally, this will make them more likely to want to visit your website and hopefully make a favorable decision and purchase something while they are on site.

Suppose your reader is looking to for a product that you carry on your website, the odds are after reading your article they will in fact purchase the product from you.

You have subliminally established an online relationship without ever meeting the sales prospect. Do you see how powerful this can really be for your business advertising? And speaking of advertising, what other product is needed by so many online advertisers? Like the saying goes, when everyone is looking for gold, the money is in the picks and shovels. Why not market the shovel in this case, advertising?
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