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Unusual Business Opportunities - Earn Money By Giving Away Education

Aug 17, 2007
There are thousands of different business opportunities out there. Some are good and some aren't. I would have to say one of my favorite and most successful business opportunities is also one of my most unusual business opportunities. I found this opportunity about 3 months ago and within this short time I have grown the business to make it pay a monthly income of $1,000. How did I achieve this income? Simply by giving away free education through Success University.

When I began my first online business around 2 years ago, I wanted to sell things to make an income, so I was driven towards selling products and e-books. The problem was that original good quality products are hard to create. To make things worse, I wasn't much good at copy writing and the sales letters that I was producing weren't doing my products justice.

Along with this was the fact that I had no knowledge on how to market a product and had not set up vital parts of my business to ensure that I would have a running chance at making an income. Without tools such as auto-responders, website tracking, e-mails and product fulfillment, sales were scarce.

Things didn't look good for me. I was really hitting rock bottom until I come across some proven, unusual business opportunities. By finding unusual online businesses such as Success University, I had the opportunity to give away free products and still make a great income.

That was when I found the real formula to make money online. With any unusual business opportunity, the rule of thumb is, if you are sincere about wanting to help someone, it is inevitable that you will see the money start to come in.

This unusual business opportunity was a very good lesson for me to learn. How else can you earn a good online income as well as give away quality products to your customers for free?

Keep in mind that if you are new to online business, especially if you are still not seeing any results, the easiest way to begin your venture is to join a proven program and give their product away for free. If you aren't having luck in giving away free products than you really shouldn't bother selling to people.

Doing it all on your own is one of the toughest ways to make a start. Finding a product, setting up a website and making sales are things that can't be learned over night. It takes time and experience. Going it alone, you are more likely to fail or your business will sit stagnant until you learn the basics.

By using a proven, unusual business opportunity and giving away free products, you can build your confidence, kick start your online training and prepare yourself for your own big online business launch later on down the road.
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