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Data Entry Jobs From Home - Convenience and Ease

Jun 16, 2008
Data entry jobs from home can mean financial freedom for you. Learn how you can launch your own job right from home.

Searching for data entry jobs from home is easy when you know where to look on the internet. The issue comes when the jobs advertised are not really good choices and only out to advertise or to take a fee from the unsuspecting worker. However, it is very possible to find and work with many companies who need help and have a great reputation for providing data entry jobs from home. These could be in the form of writing, typing, editing, transcription, and other things requiring the worker to be creative and expressive. The three listed above are among the data entry jobs that are the most profitable and easy to find.


Data entry jobs from home are synonymous with typing. It might mean that an individual needs help with cleaning their work up and making it look professional or it might mean you are working on more detailed articles or projects that require you to write it out from beginning to end. For this position, you will need to have a good speed when typing, an understanding of grammar rules, good spelling and punctuation and a good program to help. This type of work is best for those with a live imagination and who see themselves as a creative person. Research skills are also an asset to data entry jobs from home.


Transcription is simply listening to an audio file and typing what is being said into a document. This audio file might be a radio broadcast, a teleconference seminar, or a VIP interview. Transcription pays more than regular typing positions but it takes a longer amount of time per project to finish. It could take a simple hour long file and stretch it to 5 hours of typing work. You will also need a transcription machine or other equipment to make work productive.

Article Writing

For those individuals who are really creative and have a strong imagination, writing in data entry jobs from home can be a very rewarding career. It also helps to understand marketing as many of these articles may be used to boost ratings of websites in the search engines. Batches of articles may come in and keep you busy for a while. The faster you can type the better but make sure to take your time on the research to produce a quality article each time.

Needed Equipment

There are a few things you will need before you venture out into data entry jobs from home. Most people already have some sort of home office set up or at least a computer with an internet connection. If this is you, you are already way ahead of the game. Make sure your internet connection is very reliable and your email is easy to remember and not prone to being down much of the time. Since you will be sitting for long amounts of time, make sure your chair is comfortable and supportive. A good light will help to alleviate any eye strain you might experience. Take regular breaks away from the computer to help you stay focused.
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