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Some AdSense Secrets That Might Give You Good Returns

Jun 16, 2008
Looking for AdSense secrets to get you started on your quest for good returns? If so, then you're at the right place!

AdSense is an ad serving program that is offered by Google, which website owners can utilize to promote in their websites. This can be done by owners creating their own text, image or video advertisements, which are administered by Google. Revenue generation is achieved through a per click mode or through per-thousand impressions.

Are there some AdSense secrets?

So, are there really any secrets to the working of AdSense that can be exploited by users? Well, the answer in this case is a strict no. There are absolutely no secrets to the methodology at least any that I have heard of. The point is that until and unless you follow all the rules and regulations, you might not be able to have any success in your endeavor.

However there are some secrets, with regards to the way you can configure your Ads. More than a secret these are just ways and means one can utilize to optimize the efficacy of these ads.

The Blending of Ads

The first thing that you must do is see to it that the color of the background page is the same as the color used for the background of the advertisements and its borders. Moreover, the Advertisement title of your AdSense Ad, the text and its URL link must all have the same colors that have been used in the pages. Also, if you want to make better use of AdSense secrets, then the trick would be using the same font size on the page and the AdSense Ads.

Place your Ads High

Those Ads with a high CTR must be placed as high as possible on the pages. The best location of the Ad with the highest CTR would be just below the body tag. It's always seen that the Ad that is placed first generates the most amount of income. These AdSense secrets might just work wonders for you.

Use of Images

Images should look like a part of the page and as such must blend in. This is why you can either place your image to the right of the Ad or to their left. If this is done, then there will be an increase in the CTR. If possible, plain generic images must be used and efforts must be made to arrive at a co-relation between the images and the website.

Avoid the use of arrow or similar images because they might look like click incentives.

Non Standard Ads

The use of Non standard types of Ads will definitely go a long way in increasing your CTR. This is one of the important AdSense secrets. Go for either boxed Ads or those with a vertical skyscraper like shape. It is seen that such ads have a click rate that is higher than those for 468x80 banners.

Also go through the listing provided by the AdSense team about the ad sizes that perform the best. All in all, AdSense Secrets are all about how best you can use the Ads and use their shapes, size, font, placement and color to your advantage.
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