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Tricks To Sell Your Product

Jun 16, 2008
You will have to know how to play with the psychology of your customers so that your products can be sold. This is the basic idea of marketing and sales. Your efforts should be directed in such a way that you make yourself influential in the decision making of the customer. They decide totally in favor of the company.
There are some activities to influence the mind of the customers. These tricks can be used by sales person and also by larger firms. Even though these tricks are used by larger firms unknowingly but still there is not list set.

Common interchanging is the first and influential trick. The company has to start by giving something free to the customer. He may take it for the first time. But as when he gets the chance for the same he will feel as if he is obliged towards your company and then he will decide to buy your product. Extending the product free at first can do this. And if the customer is content with the product, he will purchase it for himself the next time.

Some of them do not agree with this principle. They say that it is a wrong method. While some say that it is ineffective as you are asking your customer to spend something to get something. If you want to get your customers attracted towards your product then you must give them absolutely free. Your free product should not have any tag like buy two get one free.

The next procedure is to offer something of high value where the company does not spend anything in producing them. It will tempt the customers and they will feel as if they have got some secret information which no one else knows. Remember that this trick will work only if the information is really valuable and not another ad.
You can also try by giving free samples to targeted customers. But some companies make a mistake by giving a good sample and making the actual product of low quality. This makes the customer loose his/her faith and they do not buy any more of that product.

Some phrases like "offer ends soon", "offer only till stock lasts", "limited time offer" can be used intelligently and effectively. The customers think that the product will really not last so they rush to make their purchase of the product. This works well particularly with consumers who have awareness in gathering old-timers, collectibles and things which cannot be easily available.

The next trick is to make the customer take little steps towards the purchase of the product without his knowledge. When ever a customer asks for information then you should provide them free information. During this time get their contact addresses and then make use of it later on to inform the customer of your products.
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