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The History Of Vending Machines

Jun 16, 2008
You may love getting what you want out of vending machines, but have you ever stopped to consider how these very popular icons in our society came to be? If so, then keep on reading for some very interesting information about vending machines. They have been out there since the late 1880's. People in London placed them around travel locations with post cards. They sold so many that they did the same thing with books.

In 1888 the were something that captured attention in some areas of the United States. Those offering gum were placed in some well known subway stations along the areas of New York and Chicago. There were plenty of styles of vending machines that came out in the early 1900's. They featured a variety of items including gum which was a hot selling item.

One of the most unique vending machine operations was in place from 1902 until 1962. The well known Horn & Hardart coin operated restaurant was a huge success. This was the only way to buy and foods or beverages you wanted for your meal. People came to Philadelphia just to experience it for themselves.

The really big popularity of vending machines in the United States though didn't take place until both Coke and Pepsi got involved. The two rivals are to this day still looking for ways to do better than the other one. They both mass produced vending machines so they could distribute more soda to their consumers. It was in the 1940's when they were offered and making huge sales.

The bottles were in there sideways and when you entered enough coins you could turn the latch blocking the opening of each door. After you slide the bottle out it would return to the place. Then another bottle would roll into that slot unless the vending machine was empty. They even featured a bottle opener on the door for convenience.

Today you will notice many different designs with the vending machines. They are all derived from those earlier models. New technology has allowed many advanced features to further the convenience. It also cuts down on the vending machines not operating properly. You can get the traditional items from them or other supplies.

You can find just about anything you can want quickly from a vending machine as well. It may be something to eat or drink, supplies you need, reading materials, and more. There is no limit to the ideas that continue to come around and be offered in a vending machine. What consumers express that they want is often in the works if it can be figured out by the engineers.

The next time you are out and about, take some time to notice the different physical appearances of the vending machines around. Look at the features they offer as well such as hot drinks and cold foods. You will find many with dollar bill acceptors. The older models of vending machines aren't widely used anymore. However, many of them are viewed as collectors items so don't toss them out.
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