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Build Back Links with Themes

Jun 16, 2008
Recently I have been thinking about a way use my creative side to get more back links. As people are constantly looking for blogging themes I decided to look into the wonderful world of theme building.

I am lucky because I can do this 'in house' so to speak which means there is no cost for me doing this and over time can build a constant stream of links to my site. The other great thing is once you release your themes and they are out-there for anyone to download the hard work is done. You can just sit back and watch the links role in, or if you are smart you can start work on your next theme. Why not take a look at some of the most popular blog theme creators sites and see how many back links they have. You will be impressed!

Wordpress and Blogger themes are an awesome way to build back links to your site and a great way to give something to the open source community. The problem is that a lot of the time sponsored blog themes or themes with keywords embedded in the footer will be used on blogs that are off topic. The link will still carry a little weight but obviously not as much as it would if it were on topic.

A very easy solution.

A simple solution is to make your templates tighter and more focused on your keyword. Let's say you have an online site that sells fancy dress costumes. Why not design a theme that is so tightly focused on the different costumes on offer that it wouldn't be used by anyone that wasn't interested in blogging about that topic. Just be aware that the links won't fly in but over time you will build a collection of targeted links that are on topic and relevant. Using the same example, if you created a theme for ever popular character costume over time you could build up a heck of a lot of back links.

Another example might be a football team blog or a site selling team kits, why not build three themes based on the home and away kits and the team badge?

One think to keep in mind is that there is more than one blogging platform. At the very least you should be creating 2 versions - one for Wordpress and one for Blogger. Just by putting in the extra effort to change the code for the different platforms you get the change to get double the back links. You would be crazy not to try this.
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