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How To Get Inside A Customer's Head

Jun 17, 2008
The prospects in your market all harbor secret desires.

These desires represent hot button triggers that initiate response. If you knew what secrets hid deep in the heart of your prospects you could...

Get Them To Buy

So, as the dynamic duo Hans and Franz of "Saturday Night Live" used to say... "Hear me now and listen later." Because you're about to learn how to connect with each and every person who is ever likely to become your customer.

The first thing you should know is that all people are... scared and skeptical. In a typical selling situation (be it in person, direct mail or the Internet), your prospect is desperately afraid of being bullied into buying.

Their skepticism runs deep. Surveys completed by actual buyers indicate that those buyers didn't believe any of the claims made. Of course, they bought anyway. The point is consumers don't want to lose money. Because they are...

Clutching Their Money Close To The Vest

Because of this rampant skepticism and fear you need to melt their resistance. This strategy could help...

Provide your real contact information. In other words, include your name, company name, snail mail address and phone number on your site. Stop hiding behind an email. Your prospects are afraid you don't really exist. Give them proof that you are, in fact, for real and you'll get more sales.


Prospects, in general, are looking for the best deal they can get. They don't want to lose out to someone else. You can use this fear of loss to your advantage.

No One Wants To Lose Out

With that tidbit in mind, you should structure your sales pitches with a legitimate scarcity factor. Limit the number of the product. Give them a deadline before the offer is off the table. You get the point.

Another idea...

Oh yeah, people in general want to prove they are better than others. They want people to look up to them and be in awe. It's true. This feeling of superiority goes beyond mere vanity. For the most part, we are all insecure and want an elevated status in the eyes of others. Especially friends, family and co-workers.

Write your promotions with these wants and desires in mind. Always remember that prospects want to feel comfortable... they want great value... and... they need to feel like making this purchase from you will boost their status.

Your sales numbers will skyrocket if you do these things.
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John "Angel" Anghelache is a direct marketing copywriter and marketing consultant. To access his free marketing success MP3 audios with 15 legendary marketers including Bob Bly, John Carlton, David Garfinkel, Clayton Makepeace and Joe Vitale go to... http://www.JohnAngelCopywriting.com
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